As manufacturers move closer and closer to making cheaper washing machines obviously quality will have suffered, and people may think this is why the drum paddles keep breaking off more and more, years ago it was rarely heard of for a washing machine drum paddle to come loose or fall off.
Many may think that a washing machine without removable drum paddles would be a good idea, but there are advantages and dis advantages, yes they would not fall off and need replacing, but if something catches the moulded metal paddle that forms the inner drum and tears it this can cause rips in your clothes, and to fix it you would have to replace the whole inner drum, more expensive than replacing a removable paddle, also there is an advantage to the removable paddles, when they are removed you get access all be it small access to see if anything is trapped between the inner drum and outer tub so making it easy to remove small objects that could be rattling around in there.
Why Do The Drum Paddles Break.
There are 3 main reasons why these paddles break off, really simply put people will wash things in the washing machines that they should not, something is trapped between the inner and outer tub causing them to break or the plastic has degraded over time.
If having replaced the broken paddle with a new one this breaks and comes away fairly quickly, the reason this happens can only be 2 things, either it has been replaced wrongly or there is something between the inner and outer tubs causing it to break off.
An example of some Hotpoint Washing Machine Drum Paddle Lifters

You may have noticed that your motor is sparking or arching sometimes this can occur after you have just replaced the carbon brushes.
If you notice sparking or arching from your washing machine motor this could indicate that your brushes need replacing, you would need to remove the motor to inspect the carbon brushes, here are some carbon brushes from an Indesit Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brushes
If the brushes are worn right down they will need replacing, rule of thumb if there is only a couple of mm on the brushes you should replace them, if there is an inch or so then they will be ok, so if the motor is still sparking and there is plenty of brush left then you have a problem with the motor armature or sometimes called commutator, this is the part the brushes touch when they are fitted into your motor, there are brass segments that the brush runs round when the motor is turning, this can be dirty with carbon from your brush or the segments could be worn causing the sparking, if there is bad sparking stop using the machine before it blows something in your washer.
If after fitting new brushes you still have got sparking this could be due to them not being fitted correctly and not seating correctly on the armature, try fitting them again but if this fails to stop the arching then the armature is most probably worn and will need replacing, or a new motor.
Some noise may be heard after new brushes have been fitted this can be normal and the new brushes will need some time to bed in, if after a few washes this does not stop then check that the brushes have been fitted correctly, if they have then the armature could be worn and will need replacing or a new motor fitted.
Hotpoint Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brushes

Wattage as well as electric motor power

Wattage is an important thing to consider because electric motor power on it’s own does not guarantee better suction: it depends on the overall design of the unit. If a vacuum cleaner has a high wattage, the motor is more powerful.

Air watts

Did you know air watts are a better measure of suction than motor power? Air watts look at the actual performance of the vacuum, not just the motor power. However, they can be significantly decreased by a blocked filter. Air watts should be shown as a European test standard (IEC60312). If not, the number quoted may not be reliable.

Dust pick up

The nozzle design on both cylinders and uprights can have a dramatic effect on pick up performance. The higher the percentage of dust pick up, which is also measured using the IEC European test standard, the better the performance.

Bag versus bagless vacuum cleaners

When considering a bagged vs bagless vacuum cleaner, it can be helpful to remember:

Bagless vacuum cleaners do not necessarily perform better than bagged
Bagless vacuum cleaners by definition require no bags, therefore no extra expenses
Bagless vacuum cleaners enable you to see the dirt and debris picked up, making it easy to see when the container is full. However, some bagged cleaners do have full bag indicator lights
Some bagless vacuum cleaners require regular filter cleaning to work at peak performance
Bagless vacuum cleaners may expose the user to dust when emptying, making them much less suitable for allergy and asthma sufferers
Bagged vacuum cleaners tend to be hygienic and dust removal is simple and easy

Filter types

Micro Filter, The type of filtration found on basic vacuum cleaners. Ideal for general use, some can be washed while others need to be swapped out.

Hepa Filter, HEPA filters trap and capture small pollutants and pollen particles, which would otherwise be recirculated into the atmosphere, making them ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers. Most tend to be washable and reusable.

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Bosch, Neff & Siemens Ovens Fault Codes

Er1 = Temperature Sensor failure
Er2 = Faulty mains connection
Er4 = Temperature sensor failure
Er6 = Door lock defective
Er7 = Release mechanism of door lock defective

Bosch Cooker Spares Bosch Cooker Parts

Washing Machine Rental

When your washing machine breaks down it can be very inconvinient, we hear all to often that people are getting fed up
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Coffee Machine Cleaning
Cleaning a Bosch Tassimo coffee machine.
To prolong the life of your machine and achieve consistent drink quality, regular maintenance is required.
There is no secret to keeping your Tassimo in tip top condition all you need is Fresh Water + Clean Barcode Reader and Piercer + Regularly Descaled machine = Great Tasting Drinks and Long machine Life.
Clean your machine once a week or daily if your using milk or chocolate.
Cleaning the TASSIMO machine could not be more simple – insert the Service T Disc , stored at the back of the machine, and push the button to activate the automatic cleaning cycle. Once done, simply wipe down your machine and barcode reader.
The cup stand, drip tray, T DISC holder and piercer are removable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
All coffee machines are susceptible to limescale build up which can damage them so regular descaling is important to increase the life of the machine and getting good results with your drinks.
The machine will let you know when it needs a descale by illuminating the red descale indicator light. The automatic descale cycle can be activated using the Service disc.
Only use the Bosch Tassimo Descaling Tablets recommended by Bosch, the manufacturer of the machine. Never use vinegar or acetic acid-based descalers.

Washing machine is hot and cold fill but I only have a cold water feed.
You may have moved house and taken your old washing machine with you, only to find your new house only has a cold feed for your washing machine, if you only connect the cold pipe to the washer then there will be certain programmes that will not work, mainly the hotter washes.
There is an easy solution to this problem without going to the expense of getting a plumber in to put a hot water connection in so you can use that, you have 2 options, either buy a Y piece that you connect to the cold feed then connect your hot and cold water pipes to this then connect to the valves on your washer, or you could use a special pipe which has the Y piece built into it, connect the Y end of the pipe to your valves then the other end to the cold feed.
We favour the second method as from experience the plastic Y pieces are not very strong and have on occasions come loose or broke resulting in a leak, whereas the proper hose is far more robust and provides a more professional repair.
Connecting cold water to your hot valve will not cause any problems with your washer, it may take a little longer to complete a wash as it will heat the water from cold, but you may find that you get better wash results.
Washing Machine Dual Feed Fill Hose Pipe

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I hope this information helps you identify your problem on your Hoover tumble dryer.
Includes vented and condenser versions. Those without display count the number of flashes (e.g 9 flashes = E 9)
E 3 Water Tank full
E 4 Programmer Selector faulty
E 5 Front NTC faulty
E 6 Reprogram or replace main board
E 7 Clean lint filter or airflow problem
E 8 Thermal fuse
E 9 Thermal cut out
E10 Missing load
E 14 Rear NTC
E 15 Heater Relay or (for vented dryers) Open circuit front TOC
You should find some parts for your Hoover tumble dryer here Hoover Tumble Dryer Vent Hose 40002137

Holes In Your Washing

I was called out today to a Hoover washing machine where the customer was complaining of holes every now and again in her washing, so this prompted me to write this article explaining some of the causes of holes or tears in peoples washing.
I don’t think the problem is associated with any particular brand of appliance or load capacity or spin speed, its happening across many different makes and specifications. There doesn’t appear to be any particular type of garment or particular material, so the cause will be difficult to answer.
If you contact any manufacturer or supplier of any washing machine they will firstly try and defend their appliance and maybe try and blame the user so its really important to read your instruction booklet if you have one, and follow the care instructions on the labels of your garments to tray and minimize human error in loading and the use of your appliance, a rough guide to correct spin speeds for certain types of material is, this is only a guide.
Cottons 1400 spin.
Woolens 800 spin.
Minimum Iron 1200 spin.
Delicates 600 spin.
Denim 900 spin.
Silks 400 spin.
Also in correct loading of the machine can result in damage to your clothes, as certain fabrics should not be washed with other fabrics, but common sense should prevail here.
Other causes of holes in washing machines, there could be a bra wire lose in the machine somewhere and when its on the spin cycle and the clothes are forced into the small holes in the drum, it could catch your clothes as the machine rotates, so maybe a good idea to wash bras separately or remove the wires before washing, other causes can be coins loose in the machine if they have been missed when the pockets have been checked before loading the machine, these in particular can break or loosen the drum lifter or paddle inside the washing machine drum.
Another cause can be zips or buckles on certain types of garments so good practice is to zip said garment up, and turn it inside out before washing.
Here is the part I used in the repair of my customers washing machine, Hoover Washing Machine Drum Paddle Lifter 41021913