Continuous flashing of the “start/cancel” indicator light and 1 flash of the “end of cycle” indicator light…..The machine does not fill with water. Continuous flashing of the “start/cancel” indicator light and 2 flashes of the “end of cycle” indicator light…..The dishwasher will not drain. Continuous flashing of the “start/cancel” indicator light and 3 flashes of […]

Bosch Dishwasher Faults

Bosch Loggixx Dishwasher codes Common error codes on models with LED display:- A or B = Aqua sensor fault. C = No tacho pulses (i.e Motor runs at full speed 2,800rpm). D = Short circuit triac to Circulation Pump (pump keeps running). E = Water points switching error between top & bottom basket. F = […]

F0. 10 flashes. Sensor Break (Only shown in test programme. Not visible to customer). F1. Single flash. NTC Break. NTC open circuit/short circuit or ambient temperature less than 3 Celcius F2. 2 Flashes. Water leakage. Floater switch LS6 in drip tray has switched. F3. 3 Flashes. Heating system defect. Heater or relay on control board […]

Hotpoint Aquarius appliances have been around for a very long time, and probably is one of the best known of all the manufacturers names that have been given to their appliances. I can remember when i first started out as an engineer the Hotpoint aquarius washer was one of the first appliances i worked on, […]

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