I hope this information helps you identify your problem on your Hoover tumble dryer. Includes vented and condenser versions. Those without display count the number of flashes (e.g 9 flashes = E 9) E 3 Water Tank full E 4 Programmer Selector faulty E 5 Front NTC faulty E 6 Reprogram or replace main board […]

Here are some fault codes for the Hotpoint TCL range of tumble dryers. F01 The motor is running when it should be off. • Check if module connector J3 has shorted due to moisture. • Replace module. F02 Open circuit between module and motor Common. • Check security of module connector J3; • Test motor […]

Hotpoint Aquarius appliances have been around for a very long time, and probably is one of the best known of all the manufacturers names that have been given to their appliances. I can remember when i first started out as an engineer the Hotpoint aquarius washer was one of the first appliances i worked on, […]

  We run a domestic appliance spares and repair and rental service in the Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and South Yorkshire areas. We supply parts throughout the uk and can post worldwide. You can contact us about any of these services through our contact page. The purpose of this site is to offer a fast, quality service […]

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