Hoover VHV Series Tumble Dryers

I hope this information helps you identify your problem on your Hoover tumble dryer.
Includes vented and condenser versions. Those without display count the number of flashes (e.g 9 flashes = E 9)
E 3 Water Tank full
E 4 Programmer Selector faulty
E 5 Front NTC faulty
E 6 Reprogram or replace main board
E 7 Clean lint filter or airflow problem
E 8 Thermal fuse
E 9 Thermal cut out
E10 Missing load
E 14 Rear NTC
E 15 Heater Relay or (for vented dryers) Open circuit front TOC
You should find some parts for your Hoover tumble dryer here Hoover Tumble Dryer Vent Hose 40002137

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