I hope this information helps you identify your problem on your Hoover tumble dryer.
Includes vented and condenser versions. Those without display count the number of flashes (e.g 9 flashes = E 9)
E 3 Water Tank full
E 4 Programmer Selector faulty
E 5 Front NTC faulty
E 6 Reprogram or replace main board
E 7 Clean lint filter or airflow problem
E 8 Thermal fuse
E 9 Thermal cut out
E10 Missing load
E 14 Rear NTC
E 15 Heater Relay or (for vented dryers) Open circuit front TOC
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Holes In Your Washing

I was called out today to a Hoover washing machine where the customer was complaining of holes every now and again in her washing, so this prompted me to write this article explaining some of the causes of holes or tears in peoples washing.
I don’t think the problem is associated with any particular brand of appliance or load capacity or spin speed, its happening across many different makes and specifications. There doesn’t appear to be any particular type of garment or particular material, so the cause will be difficult to answer.
If you contact any manufacturer or supplier of any washing machine they will firstly try and defend their appliance and maybe try and blame the user so its really important to read your instruction booklet if you have one, and follow the care instructions on the labels of your garments to tray and minimize human error in loading and the use of your appliance, a rough guide to correct spin speeds for certain types of material is, this is only a guide.
Cottons 1400 spin.
Woolens 800 spin.
Minimum Iron 1200 spin.
Delicates 600 spin.
Denim 900 spin.
Silks 400 spin.
Also in correct loading of the machine can result in damage to your clothes, as certain fabrics should not be washed with other fabrics, but common sense should prevail here.
Other causes of holes in washing machines, there could be a bra wire lose in the machine somewhere and when its on the spin cycle and the clothes are forced into the small holes in the drum, it could catch your clothes as the machine rotates, so maybe a good idea to wash bras separately or remove the wires before washing, other causes can be coins loose in the machine if they have been missed when the pockets have been checked before loading the machine, these in particular can break or loosen the drum lifter or paddle inside the washing machine drum.
Another cause can be zips or buckles on certain types of garments so good practice is to zip said garment up, and turn it inside out before washing.
Here is the part I used in the repair of my customers washing machine, Hoover Washing Machine Drum Paddle Lifter 41021913

Hotpoint Spares

Hotpoint are one of the UK;s most popular brands of electrical appliances for your home whether its your washing machine, dishwasher, cooker, fridge, tumble dryer, at some point it will most probably break down, and you will need Hotpoint Spares, to fix it.
If you decide to call out an approved engineer to fix it, his call out could be easily 90 pounds, plus parts, but with a little research you might be able to do the repair yourself, saving you a small fortune and any savings in todays struggling economy is surely good news
One of the most common appliance fault we come across is the cooker doesn’t heat up, and usually if the oven is fan assisted this is usually the element, and average cost for an element for a Hotpoint cooker is around 20 pounds, if you weigh this up against a new cooker is around 300 to 500 pounds that’s a huge saving, and the elements are so easy to fit, a helpful tutorial is on one of our other blog posts.
We are allways willing to give you free advice to help you in your search for the correct spare for your appliance, and one big bonus of fixing it yourself, is the huge satisfaction you get, not to mention you haven’t contributed to your old appliance being put into landfill so helping the environment.

FO1 Motor Triac S/C: Check Motor & Module connections
FO2 Motor jammed/Taco detached: Check Motor & Module connections
FO3 NTC S/C or O/C: Check Thermistor & Module connections
FO4 Pressure switch jammed or empty: Check Switch and Module
FO5 Pressure switch jammed on full or pump blocked: Check Switch and
FO7 Heater relay stuck: Check the heater and Module connections
FO8 Heater relay stuck: Check Pressure switch, heater and Module
FO9 Set up Error: Check Eeprom
F10 Pressure switch not sensing: Check switch and module connections
F11 Pump cannot be activated: Che ck pump, connections & wiring
F12 No Communication between cards: Check Module connections
F13 N/A
F14 N/A
F15 N/A
F16 N/A
F17 Door lock error: Check door, door lock & module connections
F18 Communications error (3 phase motor): replace power card.

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Continuous flashing of the “start/cancel” indicator light and 1 flash of the “end of cycle” indicator light…..The machine does not fill with water.

Continuous flashing of the “start/cancel” indicator light and 2 flashes of the “end of cycle” indicator light…..The dishwasher will not drain.

Continuous flashing of the “start/cancel” indicator light and 3 flashes of the “end of cycle” indicator light…..Anti-flood device is activated.

Here you will find some Dishwasher Spares & Dishwasher Parts

Cooker Fault Codes

Admiral Range / Stove / Oven Fault Codes Failure Code Fault Code Description

F0 Function key stuck Replace touch pad or if touch pad is part of the clock, replace the clock (ERC).
F1 Defective touch pad or clock (ERC) Replace touch pad or clock (ERC). Touch pad is a more common problem. Refer to F1 test at the top of this page for more information.
F2 Oven temperature too hot Replace relay board, if present, or oven temperature sensor (RTD). Check sensor harness.
F3 or F4 Shorted or open oven temperature sensor (RTD) Check sensor harness and harness connection between oven sensor and oven control. Replace oven temperature sensor (RTD) if wiring is ok.
F5 Watchdog and hardware conflict Replace clock (ERC).
F7 Function key shorted or stuck Replace touch pad or if touch pad is part of the clock, replace the clock (ERC).
F8 Analog / Digital problem Replace clock (ERC).
F9 Door latch Check door latch components.

Here you can find some Cooker Spares Cooker Parts

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This post is a follow up to the washing machine maintenance wash post, and covers the cause of black marks and mildew that forms on your door seal.
This is usually caused by under dosing with your detergent or using the incorrect detergent for a long time without doing a maintenance wash, this will enable the bacteria to form in your machine, and the folds in the door seal are a good place as it remains damp there in the folds, good practice is to wipe your door seal dry and leave the door slightly open to allow air to circulate.
Also only using products like most of the liquids that don’t contain bleach will not remove all the bacteria in your machine.
If your door seal is not to bad cleaning it with a little bleach solution and a cloth may remove some of the marks, but if it is to bad then the only solution is to replace the door seal.
Here you can find some Hotpoint Washing Machine Door Seals

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As the title suggests this is a maintenance wash for your washing machine, and most washing machine manufacturers and detergent manufacturers recommend this be done at least once every month. But this may differ from household to household depending on usage.
There are several other factors that will determine the need for a maintenance wash, ie the correct use of your detergent, powder,tablets,or liquid, will greatly reduce the need for a maintenance wash.
If you only use colour detergent liquid or liquid tablets or any other detergent that doesn’t contain bleach will increase the need for a maintenance wash.
Now down to the actual maintenance wash itself, this should be done with the machine empty NO CLOTHES, this is so the detergent cleans the washer of bacteria and other build ups instead of cleaning your clothes.
You will need a good detergent that contains bleach or a bleaching agent, not the liquid detergent or liquid tabs, it is the bleach in the detergent that kills the bacteria and this is the reason for the maintenance wash.
Please select a hot wash 60 or even better 90 degrees NOT a prewash, dose your machine as normal, do not overdose, and then just set the machine going and let it finish its cycle thats it done, you could always use a descaler but follow the instructions given with the descaler, you can find an example of a good Limescale And Detergent Remover here.

Bosch Dishwasher Faults

Bosch Loggixx Dishwasher codes

Common error codes on models with LED display:-

A or B = Aqua sensor fault.
C = No tacho pulses (i.e Motor runs at full speed 2,800rpm).
D = Short circuit triac to Circulation Pump (pump keeps running).
E = Water points switching error between top & bottom basket.
F = Filling error (time out 6 mins)
G = Water points error, triac fault on circuit board, short circuit.
H = Heating error (time out) Element, relay on module or pressure s/w.
K = NTC error
O = Safety level switching error

Bosch late SMS series D/w’s

E:01/E:02/E:03/E:04/E:05 all refer the Power Module fault *
E:06 = Door switch fault
E:07 = Dryer fan fault
E:08 = Heat Pump detects water level too low in tub
E:09 = Heating circuit fault
E:10 = Heat pump scaled up
E:11 = NTC fault
E:12 = Not used
E:13 = Hot water inlet temperature too high (over 75 degs)
E:14 = Reed switch flow sensor fault
E:15 = Water in base
E:16 = Inlet valve fault
E:17 = Water level to high check flow sensor
E:18 = Water level too low check valve
E:19 = Not used
E:20 = Winding resistance of circulating pump fault
E:21 = Circulating pump blockage
E:22 = Not used
E:23 = Winding resitance of drain pump fault
E:24 = Drain filters blocked
E:25 = Drain pump blocked, pump cover missing
E:26 = Water switch fault
E:27 = Not used
E:28 = Turbidity sensor fault

You can find all your spares for your Bosch Dishwasher Faults here

Ensure that the main selector switch is in the Off or O position.

Press and hold the Super Rinse and Rinse Hold buttons whilst selecting H on the selector knob, and continue to hold for five seconds.

The ‘Super Rinse’, ‘Rinse Hold’ and ‘Wash’ LED’s will now be flashing.

Press the Start/Cancel button for two seconds.

The ‘Rinse Hold’ LED will be lit and the ‘Super Rinse’ LED will be flashing.
The ‘Final Spin’ LED could be on or off at this stage.

Press the Rinse Hold button briefly.

The ‘Rinse Hold’ LED will be flashing & the ‘Super Rinse’ LED will be on steady to indicate the last error routine has been initiated.

Rotate the main programme selector knob slowly anti-clockwise to programme A

Slowly rotate the selector switch clockwise through four positions A to D inclusive, pausing briefly at each programme position. Starting with A make a note of the ‘Final Spin’ LED status. it will be on or off.

When the selector knob reaches D you will have a series of Ons and Offs . This 4 bit binary code should be recorded and checked against the error codes in the following table.


No spin due to O.O.B……………………….on………off………..off………off

Start butt pressed with door open…….off……….on…………off……..off
or O/C interlock.

Failure to fill in allotted time……………..on……….on……….off……….off

Failure to pump out in time allowed……off………off………on……….off

No feedback from thermistor when……off………on……….on………off

Tacho error…………………………………….on……..on……….on………..off

No feedback from tacho…………………..off……….off………off……….on
Motor O/C

Motor triac short circuit…………………….on……….off……….off……….on
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