Beko Washer Carbon Brushes

Beko Washer Carbon Brushes

Carbon Brushes to fit Beko washing machines

Has the drum stopped turning in your Beko washing machine, has the machine stopped spinning and the clothes are coming out wet.

If your machine has a digital display and is showing E6 or E11 fault code this indicates there is a problem with the motor.

Luckily this is an easy problem to fix, most of the time it will be the carbon brushes in the motor have worn down and just need replacing, disconnect the machine from the electricity before doing this repair.


  • Beko Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brushes

    Beko Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brushes
  • Beko WM6167W Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brushes

    Type L24MF7 This May Be Stamped On The Carbon

    2 Brushes In The Pack

    Approx Size 35mm x 17mm x 5mm

    Arcelik Motor

    Your washing machine carbon brushes will wear out over time and will need replacing.

    Often asked questions

    * How Do I Know If The Carbon Brushes Need Replacing
    Usually if they have worn down to about a 1/4 inch they will need replacing.

    * My Washing Machine Is Sparking From Underneath
    This could indicate that the brushes will need replacing

  • Beko WMB61021W Washing Machine Motor Brushes

    Beko Washer Motor Brushes

    Will fit selected Beko washing machines, please compare the image with your old brushes, if your washing machine drum has stopped turning the brushes in your motor may have worn down and will need replacing.

  • BEKO WME8227W Washing Machine Carbon Brushes L24 MF7

    Beko Areclik Motor Carbon Brushes L24MF7

    Quality high performance carbon brushes to fit selected Beko washing machines fitted with the Areclik motor, please compare your old brushes with the image as more than ony type are fitted to certain models.

    Beko Washing Machine Spares Parts Carbon Brushes

    Your old washing machine carbon brushes will have been in your motor for some time. We recommend that you clean the commutator with a 'comm stick' this will help seat the brushes and also make them perform much better. Do not clean this part of the motor with any other abrasive material or it will damage it. Cleaning is only a recommendation and is usually performed by every engineer when they change brushes You can find the Commutator cleaning stick here

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