Hoover Cooker Elements

Hoover Cooker Elements Elements to fit Hoover cookers.


  • Genuine Hoover Cooker Fan Oven Element 1500 Watts

    Genuine manufacturers spare part will fit the above models. If your oven isnt heating up or maybe tripping your power this could be the problem, easy DIY job. Length 170mm, Width 146mm, Fixing plate 70mm, Tabs 25mm, Fixing Points 56mm. 1500 Watts

  • Genuine Hoover HFO415W HOC704X Cooker Fan Oven Element 2200w

    Genuine manufacturers spare part.
    Reported faults when the element has failed can be no heat with the oven light on and fan working, also on visual inspection of the element you may see blow marks or the element has split, in most cases the element will have gone open circuit and will need replacing. This element has 3 turns and is rated at 2200 Watts, length is 210mm, width is 170mm, bracket 70mm and the tags 25mm, your old one may have distorted slightly so these measurements are approx.

  • Hoover Cooker Fan Oven Element 41020376

    Hoover cooker oven fan element will fit selected Hoover cookers, part number 41020376 this is a genuine manufacturers spare part.
  • Hoover Cooker Oven Fan Element 2200 Watts

    Quality replacement element as used by our own service engineers will fit the above cookers, over part numbers for this element is 91200888.
    3 Turns

    2200 watts

    Length 220 mm

    Width 190 mm

    Bracket : 70 mm

    Tags: 25 mm
  • Hoover Fan Oven Element

    Hoover Cooker fan oven element 2500 watts

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