Hoover Motor Carbon Brushes

Hoover Motor Carbon Brushes

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Hoover washing machine motor carbon brushes will fit selected Hoover washing machines, part number 97916670 these are genuine manufacturers spare parts.

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Fits Models Hoover Carbon Brushes

Hoover Candy












AA212, AA230, AA231, AA232, 212011, 230001, 231061, 232021, AA14, AB100, AB105, AB110, AB115, ABA11, AC110, AC115, AC120, AC125, AC327, AC900, AC950, ACA10, AE130, AE135, AE136, AE137, AE140, AE140, AE160, AE230, 230001,AI130, AL120, AL130, ALA12, AM110, AM115, AM120, AMA12, AMC12, AS110, AS115, AS116, AS120, AS125, AS126, AS130, AS135, AS136, ASA12, AVA20, AVA22, CA230, SE220, SPB11, SPC12, AVA20007, CA230003, SE22000












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