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We run a domestic appliance spares and repair and rental service in the Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and South Yorkshire areas. We supply parts throughout the uk and can post worldwide. You can contact us about any of these services through our contact page.

Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes If you own a Samsung washing machine that was bought from 2009 onwards then these codes may be of some use to you. We have included these codes for guidance only, and assume you have a certain level of capability, and before you remove any panel from the machine you […]

Beko Washing Machine Error Codes If your Beko washing machine is fitted with a digital display, then it will display an error code if you have a fault on your machine. Below is a list of codes which might help you diagnose the fault you are getting, hopefully we should have the parts in store […]

As manufacturers move closer and closer to making cheaper washing machines obviously quality will have suffered, and people may think this is why the drum paddles keep breaking off more and more, years ago it was rarely heard of for a washing machine drum paddle to come loose or fall off. Many may think that […]

You may have noticed that your motor is sparking or arching sometimes this can occur after you have just replaced the carbon brushes. If you notice sparking or arching from your washing machine motor this could indicate that your brushes need replacing, you would need to remove the motor to inspect the carbon brushes, here […]

When your washing machine breaks down it can be very inconvinient, we hear all to often that people are getting fed up with expensive repair bills call out charges and long waits for spare parts. There is an answer why not rent one of our washing machines and let us handle all the repairs so […]

Washing machine is hot and cold fill but I only have a cold water feed. You may have moved house and taken your old washing machine with you, only to find your new house only has a cold feed for your washing machine, if you only connect the cold pipe to the washer then there […]

I was called out today to a Hoover washing machine where the customer was complaining of holes every now and again in her washing, so this prompted me to write this article explaining some of the causes of holes or tears in peoples washing. I don’t think the problem is associated with any particular brand […]

Indesit WIXE127UK Fault Codes FO1 Motor Triac S/C: Check Motor & Module connections FO2 Motor jammed/Taco detached: Check Motor & Module connections FO3 NTC S/C or O/C: Check Thermistor & Module connections FO4 Pressure switch jammed or empty: Check Switch and Module FO5 Pressure switch jammed on full or pump blocked: Check Switch and Module […]

Washing Machine Door Seals This post is a follow up to the washing machine maintenance wash post, and covers the cause of black marks and mildew that forms on your door seal. This is usually caused by under dosing with your detergent or using the incorrect detergent for a long time without doing a maintenance […]

Washing Machine Maintenance Wash As the title suggests this is a maintenance wash for your washing machine, and most washing machine manufacturers and detergent manufacturers recommend this be done at least once every month. But this may differ from household to household depending on usage. There are several other factors that will determine the need […]