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As manufacturers move closer and closer to making cheaper washing machines obviously quality will have suffered, and people may think this is why the drum paddles keep breaking off more and more, years ago it was rarely heard of for a washing machine drum paddle to come loose or fall off.

Many may think that a washing machine without removable drum paddles would be a good idea, but there are advantages and dis advantages, yes they would not fall off and need replacing, but if something catches the moulded metal paddle that forms the inner drum and tears it this can cause rips in your clothes, and to fix it you would have to replace the whole inner drum, more expensive than replacing a removable paddle, also there is an advantage to the removable paddles, when they are removed you get access all be it small access to see if anything is trapped between the inner drum and outer tub so making it easy to remove small objects that could be rattling around in there.

Why Do The Drum Paddles Break.

There are 3 main reasons why these paddles break off, really simply put people will wash things in the washing machines that they should not, something is trapped between the inner and outer tub causing them to break or the plastic has degraded over time.

If having replaced the broken paddle with a new one this breaks and comes away fairly quickly, the reason this happens can only be 2 things, either it has been replaced wrongly or there is something between the inner and outer tubs causing it to break off.

An example of some Hotpoint Washing Machine Drum Paddle Lifters

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