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I hope this information helps you identify your problem on your Hoover tumble dryer. Includes vented and condenser versions. Those without display count the number of flashes (e.g 9 flashes = E 9) E 3 Water Tank full E 4 Programmer Selector faulty E 5 Front NTC faulty E 6 Reprogram or replace main board […]

I was called out today to a Hoover washing machine where the customer was complaining of holes every now and again in her washing, so this prompted me to write this article explaining some of the causes of holes or tears in peoples washing. I don’t think the problem is associated with any particular brand […]

Hotpoint are one of the UK;s most popular brands of electrical appliances for your home whether its your washing machine, dishwasher, cooker, fridge, tumble dryer, at some point it will most probably break down, and you will need Hotpoint Spares, to fix it. If you decide to call out an approved engineer to fix it, […]

FO1 Motor Triac S/C: Check Motor & Module connections FO2 Motor jammed/Taco detached: Check Motor & Module connections FO3 NTC S/C or O/C: Check Thermistor & Module connections FO4 Pressure switch jammed or empty: Check Switch and Module FO5 Pressure switch jammed on full or pump blocked: Check Switch and Module FO6 N/A FO7 Heater […]

Continuous flashing of the “start/cancel” indicator light and 1 flash of the “end of cycle” indicator light…..The machine does not fill with water. Continuous flashing of the “start/cancel” indicator light and 2 flashes of the “end of cycle” indicator light…..The dishwasher will not drain. Continuous flashing of the “start/cancel” indicator light and 3 flashes of […]

Admiral Range / Stove / Oven Fault Codes Failure Code Fault Code Description F0 Function key stuck Replace touch pad or if touch pad is part of the clock, replace the clock (ERC). F1 Defective touch pad or clock (ERC) Replace touch pad or clock (ERC). Touch pad is a more common problem. Refer to […]

This post is a follow up to the washing machine maintenance wash post, and covers the cause of black marks and mildew that forms on your door seal. This is usually caused by under dosing with your detergent or using the incorrect detergent for a long time without doing a maintenance wash, this will enable […]

As the title suggests this is a maintenance wash for your washing machine, and most washing machine manufacturers and detergent manufacturers recommend this be done at least once every month. But this may differ from household to household depending on usage. There are several other factors that will determine the need for a maintenance wash, […]

Bosch Loggixx Dishwasher codes Common error codes on models with LED display:- A or B = Aqua sensor fault. C = No tacho pulses (i.e Motor runs at full speed 2,800rpm). D = Short circuit triac to Circulation Pump (pump keeps running). E = Water points switching error between top & bottom basket. F = […]

Ensure that the main selector switch is in the Off or O position. Press and hold the Super Rinse and Rinse Hold buttons whilst selecting H on the selector knob, and continue to hold for five seconds. The ‘Super Rinse’, ‘Rinse Hold’ and ‘Wash’ LED’s will now be flashing. Press the Start/Cancel button for two […]