Bosch Fan Oven Element 2 Turn 2400w


Bosch Fan Oven Element 2 Turn 2400 Watts

High performance element as used by our own service engineers.

Approx size of this element, Overall Length 260mm. Internal Diameter Or Width 195. Terminal Length 38mm. Hole Or Stud Centre 35mm. Plate Width 15mm. Plate Length 45mm. 2400W

Fan oven elements usually fail because the internal filament of the element fails, this can cause the element to split or swell and may cause the oven to trip your fuse box, sometimes you may see a flash in the oven at the same time, sometimes there is no visible signs that the element has failed, and the only way to check is to remove the element and test it for continuity and earth leakage and insulation.

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