2 x Vax Steam Detergent Solution & 2 Microfibre Cleaning Pads For Steam Cleaners


2 genuine Vax steam cleaner detergent solution. 2 Compatible microfibre cleaning pads. Microfibre velcro cleaning pads for your Vax Bare Floor Pro Steam Cleaner, perfect for steam cleaning most hard floor types. They simply attach to your upright steam cleaner using a 'one-touch' Velcro system, without the need for bending or tilting the product. The fibrous surface of the pads helps to loosen dirt and grime, and helps to give a streak-free finish to all hard floors. Machine washable.

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Vax S2S, S2ST, S2C, S5C, S2S-1, S2ST, Bare Floor Pro S2S-1, Duet Master S7, Bare Floor Pro Series Steam Cleaner Mops