Today we have had in our workshop this Bosch washing machine WAE24367GB/40 showing an error code of F21 this will apply to many if not hundreds more different models of Bosch machine, how to replace carbon brushes on a bosch washing machine. F21 Error Bosch Washing Machine A fault code of F21 displaying in the […]

Today we have had in our workshop a Hoover 8kg washing machine that was displaying E16 error code in the digital display, these are the steps we took to repairing this fault. What Does E16 Mean On A Hoover Washing Machine This code indicates that there’s a problem with the water heater or the electrical […]

Today we have had in our workshop a Beko WMB91242 LB black 9kg washing machine that was not draining the water out so preventing it from spinning and completing the cycle. This was showing E05 error code in the digital display. Why is my Beko washing machine not spinning or draining? There are a few […]

Today we have in our workshop a Beko WME7267W washing machine that does not spin, this is a guide to how we repaired the machine. Although this is a digital display model and should have been displaying an error code, usually E6 or E11 very similar fault codes, this machine did not show any codes […]

Today we have had a Hoover DXA59BC3/1-80 Dynamic Next washing machine in our workshop that is displaying E08 error code and does not spin. Hoover Washing Machine E08 Not Spinning     What is the Hoover E08 error code Most modern washing machines that have a digital display will show error codes when they sense […]

  How To Reset A Beko Washing Machine Quick answer is You need to find the start, pause and cancel buttons on the front of your machine. Press them all down at the same time and hold them down for 5 seconds to reset. Your machine should now be reset. If the manual reset hasn’t […]

Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes If you own a Samsung washing machine that was bought from 2009 onwards then these codes may be of some use to you. We have included these codes for guidance only, and assume you have a certain level of capability, and before you remove any panel from the machine you […]

Beko Washing Machine Error Codes If your Beko washing machine is fitted with a digital display, then it will display an error code if you have a fault on your machine. Below is a list of codes which might help you diagnose the fault you are getting, hopefully we should have the parts in store […]

As manufacturers move closer and closer to making cheaper washing machines obviously quality will have suffered, and people may think this is why the drum paddles keep breaking off more and more, years ago it was rarely heard of for a washing machine drum paddle to come loose or fall off. Many may think that […]

You may have noticed that your motor is sparking or arching sometimes this can occur after you have just replaced the carbon brushes. If you notice sparking or arching from your washing machine motor this could indicate that your brushes need replacing, you would need to remove the motor to inspect the carbon brushes, here […]