5 X Quality Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags H30 & H52


Quality replacement dust bags to fit selected Hoover vacuum cleaners H30 & H52 bag code.

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These dust bags will fit the following Hoovers, HOOVER TELIOS/ ARIANNE TELIOS, T4300, T4310, T4311, T4312, T4400, T4401, T4403, T4405, T4410, T4414, T4415, T4420, T4430, T4514, T4515, T4535, T4536, T4543, T4545, T4546, T5400, T5404, T5411, T5503, T5510, T5514, T5515, T5520, T5521, T5525, T5600, T5603, T5604, T5609, T5610, T5620, T5625, T5633, T5636, T5637, T5639, T5702, T5703, T5732, T5799, T5878, ARIANNE T2001, T2100, T2110, T2200, T2210, T2212, T2220, T2305, T2310, T2311, T2312, T2320, T2330, T2331, T2405, T2410, T2411, T2420, T2440, T2450, T2451, T2505, T2530, T2540, T2599, T2615, T2740