Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Drive Belt 506003865009 Extended Life Belt


Replacement vacuum cleaner drive belt will fit selected Electrolux vacuums, this belt has extended life, part number 506003865009, genuine manufacturers spare part.

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This replacement drive belt will fit the following Electrolux vacuums, B4390 Z2255 Powerlite Z4671 Smartvac Z4701BZ UK2250A Z2255BZ Z4680 Cyclone Power Plus Z4702A UK2255AZ Z2256AZ Z4681 Cyclone Power Plus Z4702B Z1080 The Boss Z2927 Z4682 Cyclone Power Plus Z4703AZ Z1362 The Boss Z2927 Velocity Z4683 Cyclone Power Plus Z4703BZ Z1364 Powerline Z3040AZ Z4684 Cyclone Power Plus Z4705AZ Z1373 The Boss Cyclone Z3042AZ Z4685 Cyclone Power Plus Z4705BZ Z1375 Z4383 Cyclone Power Z4700A Z4706AZ Z1482 Smartvac Z4480 Cyclone Power Z4701A Z4707AZ Z1489 Smartvac Z4670 Smartvac Z4701B Z4708AZ Z4709A Z5705 Harmony Line Glider Z5747A Harmony Line Glider Z8800AZ Z4712AZ Z5710 Harmony Line Glider Z5747B Harmony Line Glider Z8801AZ Z4713AZ Z5740A Z5748A Z8802AVZ Z4714AZ Z5740A-1 Z5755 Mega Power ZC4570AT 345456008, 4055020699, 4055021838, 4071310652, 4071351334, 4071409330, 4071431649, 50261462001, 506000295002