Aeg Dishwasher Door Lock Catch 50286082008


Aeg dishwasher door lock catch will fit selected Aeg dishwashers, part number 50286082008, this is a genuine manufacturers spare part. Aeg have changed this part number to 4055283925

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This replacement door lock catch will fit the following Aeg dishwashers, F.2403 F.44760ID F.64450IW F34660IB F.2603 F.44760IM F.64850I-W F34660ID F.2807 F.44765IA F.64860I-B F34660IM F.43450ID F.44765IM F.64860ID F34660IW F.43450IM F.54700UW F.64860IM F40600 F.43450IW F.54730W F.64860IW F44740 F.4450W F.64450IA F.86450IB F44760IB F.44630 F.64450IB F.86450IW F44760IW F.44760IA F.64450ID F.G400 F45250VI F.44760IB F.64450IM F.G500 F50600 F54730 F64450IB F65450VI F86460IM F54750I F64450IM F65455VI F86460IW F54750IB F64450IW F74500 FAV2403 F54750I-B/133.464 8 F64800W F74550 FAV34300W F54750ID F64810 F74550I-M FAV34350IB F54750I-D/133.442 0 F64850IB F74550I-W FAV34350ID F54750IM F64850I-B F86450IM FAV34350IM F54750IW F64850I-D F86450IW FAV34350IW F54750I-W F64850IM F86460IB FAV40600 F54750VI F64850I-M F86460ID FAV42300 FAV43450IB FAV45250VI FAV54700W FAV64450IB FAV43450ID FAV4525VI FAV54700W/133.042 2 FAV64450ID FAV43450IM FAV50600 FAV54700W/133.470 5 FAV64450IM FAV43450IW FAV50610 FAV54709W FAV64450IW FAV44410 FAV50750VI FAV54710 FAV64455IA FAV44500W FAV52850 FAV54730 FAV64455IM FAV44550D FAV52850S FAV54730W FAV64800W FAV44550D/133.514 0 FAV54610 FAV54750IM/133.470 5 FAV64810 FAV44610 FAV54619 FAV54750VI FAV64810W FAV44630 FAV54700UW FAV64450IA FAV85450VI FAV86450IB FAV86450IW FAVG330 FCES FAV86450ID FAVG310 FAVORIT5041 KDW1 FAV86450IM FAVG320 FCE Other part numbers for this item: 1524077011, 1524077045, 50272150009