Aeg Door Switch Interlock 1249675131


Aeg Door Interlock 1249675131 if your machine isnt starting up this could be one of the reasons, if you have had to bang the door to get it started, or there is a long delay, its best to replace this part before it damages some of the delicate electronic components in the machine.

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This replacement door switch will fit the following Aeg washers, 16800 L10500V L12620 L12820J5 VERS.SILVER 16810 L10500VI L12700VIT L12820J6 CLARA1048 L1060EL L12710 L12830 CLARA1068 L1070EL L12710VIT L12843VIT CLARA1248 L11842VIT L1271EL L14500VI CLARA868 L1245EL L12720 L14510VI L 6415 L1246EL L12720VIT L14700VIT L1045EL L1249 L12810VI L14710VIT L1046EL L12510VI L12820 L14720 L1049 L1260EL L12820J5 VERS. WHITE L14800 L14800VI L16853 L53600 L60640 L14800VIT L16866 L54600 L60800 L14820 L5019 L54811 L60805 L14840 L50210 L58220 L60810 L14850 L50212 L58222 L60820 L16810 L50610 L58223 L60822 L16820 L50612 L58820 L60824 L16825 L52600 L58828 L60825 L16830 L52609 L60210 L60827 L16850 L52612 L60610 L60828 L60829 L62645 L62840 L63815 L60840 L62800 L62853 L6415 L60843 L62806 L62890 L6420 L60890 L62809 L62895 L64540 L60895 L62810 L63600 L64560 L61825 L62812 L63800 L6460 L6215 L62820 L63803 L64600 L6261 L62822 L63805 L64606 L62610 L62825 L63812 L6461 L62640 L62828 L63813 L64610 L64617 L6466N L64822 L64859 L64618 L64680 L64823 L6485EX L64619 L6480 L64840 L65800 L6461EX L64800 L64845 L65825 L64620 L64806 L64846 L65845 L64640 L64810 L64848 L6615 L64641 L64811 L6484N L66561 L64645 L64819 L64851 L66610 L64647 L6482 L64853 L66617 L6465N L64820 L64857 L6661EX L66640 L6685EX L72640 L72812 L66800 L68640 L72650 L72815 VERS.SILVER L66811 L68650 L72655 L72815 VERS.WHITE L66815 L70654 L72656 L72818 L66820 L70657 L72658 L72840M L66840 L70786VT L72766VT L72850 L66841 L70810 L72786VT L72853 L66845 L71655 L72800 L72880 L66855 L72600 L72805 L72900 L66857 L72610 L72810 L74600 L74650 L74665 L74850 L75817 L74651 L74800 L74850B L76650 L74652 L74803 L74850M L76651 L74652 VERS. WHITE L7481 L74859 L76655 L74653 L74810 L74900 L76656 L74655 L74810SPOR L74920 L76657 L74658 L74812 L74950 L76658 L74658 VERS. SILVER L74818 L75605 L76658 VERS. SILVER L74658 VERS. WHITE L74819 L75655 L76658 VERS. WHITE L74659 L74820 L75805 L76659 L7680 L76850 L86810 LAV60804 L76800 L76853M L86812 LAV60807 L76810 L76855 L86820 LAV60809 L76811 L76859 L88810 LAV60810 L76815 L76910 L88820 LAV60814 L76818 L84810 LAV52680 LAV60816 L76819 L84812 LAV54680 LAV60817 L76820 L84820 LAV60210 LAV60819 L76830 L84850 LAV60610 LAV60900 L76840 L84950 LAV60800 LAV61815 LAV61900 LAV62820 LAV6420 LAV6461EX LAV62600 LAV62900 LAV6440 LAV6465N LAV62605 LAV63600 LAV6460 LAV64680 LAV62610 LAV63610 LAV64600 LAV6480 LAV62800 LAV63613 LAV64606 LAV64800 LAV62806 LAV63800 LAV64608 LAV64802 LAV62808 LAV63805 LAV64610 LAV64803 LAV62809 LAV63815 LAV64617 LAV64806 LAV62810 LAV63900 LAV64618 LAV64810 LAV62818 LAV6410 LAV64619 LAV64812 LAV64813 LAV66617 LAV72630-W LAV74335 LAV64819 LAV6661EX LAV72640 LAV74335-W LAV65600 LAV66800 LAV72800 LAV74600 LAV65800 LAV66810 LAV72805 LAV74610 LAV65805 LAV66813 LAV72810 LAV74630-W LAV65813 LAV66815 LAV72812 LAV74630-W GB- LAV65815 LAV66819 LAV72818 LAV74640 LAV6610 LAV70800 LAV72880 LAV74689 LAV66600 LAV70810 LAV74330 LAV74700 LAV66610 LAV72600 LAV74330-W LAV74800 LAV74803 LAV74900 LAV7680 LAV78800 LAV74810 LAV75605 LAV76800 LAV78810 LAV74810SPORT LAV75805 LAV76810 LAV82800 LAV74812 LAV75807 LAV76815 LAV82810 LAV74815 LAV75817 LAV76818 LAV84610 LAV74818 LAV76600 LAV76819 LAV84745 LAV74819 LAV76639-W LAV76820 LAV84810 LAV74820 LAV76640 LAV7685M LAV84812 LAV74825 LAV76669 LAV76880 LAV84820 LAV74880 LAV76689 LAV76910 LAV85805 LAV86800 LAVAMAT2127 LAVREGINA2552F LBELLA VERS. SILVER LAV86810 LAVAMAT5.0 LAVREGINA2651 LBELLA VERS. WHITE LAV86812 LAVBELLA LAVREGINA2851 LMARATHON LAV86820 LAVBELLA3051 LB3051 LN78675 LAV86829 LAVBELLA3251 LB3251 LP2252F LAV88800 LAVBELLA3451 LB3451 LP5051 LAV88810 LAVBELLA3452N LB3452N LP5251 LAV88819 LAVBELLA3850 LB3453N LPRINCESS LAV88820 LAVMARATHON LB3850 LR2452 LAV88829 LAVPRINCESS LBELLA LR2552F LR2651 LR2852 LREGINA VERS. SILVER OKOPLUS16 LR2652 LR3410WT LREGINA VERS. WHITE REG3610WT LR2851 LREGINA OKOPLUS14