Ariston Dishwasher Heater Element C00074000


Genuine Ariston dishwasher heater element 1800 watts flow through heater, will fit selected dishwashers, if your dishwasher is washing in cold water this could be the part you need, also known as water heater, part number C00074000.

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Genuine Ariston replacement flow thru heater.

  • 1800 Watts
  • 230 V

Suitable for the following models,

AS100, CISLI480A, CISLI480A.C, LD44EU, LD44EU.C, LD6090EU, LD6090XEU, LD90IT, LD90XIT, LF6070EU, LF6070XEU, LF69FR, LF70EU, LF70FR, LF70IT, LF70XEU, LF70XFR, LF70XIT, LI460, LI460.C, LI470A.C, LI480A, LI480A.C, LI48A, LL420FR, LL42AG, LL42AUS.C, LL42EU, LL42EU.C, LL42SK, LL42SK.C, LL430FR, LL430FR.C, LL430XFR, LL43SEU, LL43SEU.C, LL43XAUS.C, LL440FR, LS2430, LS244, LS2450A, LS2450ST, LS2450UK, LS245EU, LS245SK, LS2480EST, LS248TEU, LS248TXEU, LV460AALU, LV460ABK, LV460ABK.C, LV460AIX, LV460AIX.C, LV460AWH, LV460AWH.C, LV460BK, LV460BK.C, LV460IX, LV460IX.C, LV460WH, LV460WH.C