Beko Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel 1885900600


Basket Wheel Lower Beko 1885900600

Has your Beko dishwasher basket been awkward to remove or replace, it could be your wheels have broken or deteriated from everyday use, luckily they are easy to replace and not expensive.

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Will fit the following Beko dishwashers,

DE3430FS, DE3430FW, DE3431FS, DE3761FS, DE3761FW, DE3861FW, DE6340S, DE6340W, DSFN1530B, DSFN1530W, DW600, DWD4310S, DWD4310W, DWD5410S, DWD5410W, DWD8650X, DWD8657S, DWD8657W, DWD8657X, DWLT68

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Genuine Beko part 1885900600