Bosch Type G Vacuum Cleaner Bags x 10 Pack


Quality replacement bags Type G compatible Material: Synthetic 5 layer filtration dust bags with secure seal to minimise dust escape Type: G Once the bag is full you can use the flap to seal the bag up so no dust can escape when you dispose of it. Includes 10 x Dust Bags Plastic Collar

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These bags will fit the following Bosch vacuum cleaners, Bosch, BSG61801, BSGL5126 BSG7 BSG4 BSA Sphera BBS631 to BBS639. (Activa) BSC BBS7 (Casa) BBS8 (Ultra) BSF BSG4, BSG6, BSG7, BSA, BBS631, BBS639, BSC, BBS7, BBS8, BSF. (Perfecta) BSG41880GB, BSG61822GB, C1103 C1201. A200 A2100 A2200, Bosch GL30 GL50 BSGL5126GB and BSGL5225GB”