Brandt Dishwasher Cutlery Basket 32X1467


Brandt dishwasher cutlery basket will fit selected Brandt dishwashers, part number 32X1467, this is a manufacturers spare part.

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This replacement basket will fit the following Brandt dishwashers, BLT64A DWB671XN DWF671XN P3520C-2 DW12230 DWE350 DWF672WN P4510-2 DW12470 DWE350U1 DWM150 P4510C DW14570 DWE356 DWM150H P4510C-2 DW14572 DWE450 DWX4510E1 P5490-2 DWB031TE1 DWE450X DWX4510G1 P5490S DWB031WE1 DWF031WE1 DWX671N P5490S-2 DWB031XE1 DWF361WE1 P3510 P6490 DWB461BE1 DWF361XE1 P3520-2 P6490-2 DWB461XE1 DWF671WN P3520C PCK258-2 PCK258C-2 VF210JU1 VI200XE1 VI230BE1 SVI33BF1 VF216JE1 VI210BE1 VI230WE1 TE51CA-2 VF220JE1 VI210FXE1 VI230WEDWE450U1 VE210WE1 VF326JE1 VI210WE1 VI230XE1 VE210XE1 VF326JE1 1 VI220BE1 VI320BE1 VE220XE1 VF330JE1 VI220WE1 VI320WE1 VF200JE1 VI150BE1 VI220XE1 VIP21B VF200JU1 VI200BE1 VI226XE1 VIP21N VF210JE1 VI200WE1