Candy Hoover Fridge Thermostat 97042154


Genuine Candy Hoover fridge thermostat will fit selected hoover and Candy fridges.

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This thermostat will fit the following fridges, CANDY C20/10/9 C2010/9 C2512/9 C2810/9 CCM20/10 ECO CCM20/10G CCM22/10 ECO CCM22/10G CCM22/10GA CCM25/12 ECO CCM25/12G CCM26/10 UNI CCM28/12 ECO CCM28/12AG CCM28/12G CD200S CD200S EUR. CD230SGB CDP20/5 SUNI CFM26/10 CL15/9 CL15/9K CL150 PGB CL150S CL150SGB CM20/10SGB CM22/10PGB CM25/12SGB CM28/10IGB CM28/12PGB CM28/1SGB CM30/12GB CMP22/10CGB CMP22/10GB CMP22/10GF CMP22/10X CMP26/10C CMP26/10GB CMP26/10GF CMP26/10XGB CMP28/12GB CMP30/12 XGB CMP30/12CGB CMP30/12GB CMP30/12GFGB CP2210/9 CP2210/9C CP2210/9X CP2512/9 CP2512/9K CP2610/9C CP2610/9X CP2812/9GB CP2812/9K CP3012/9 CP3012/9C CP3012/9X CP3014/9 CP3014/9K CP3014/9XK CR14/9K CT140.3CH CT140.3S CT140.4S CT140.4SCE CT140.4SCH CTA14.4XCE CTA14/2 CTA140.4 CTA140.4CE CTA140.4X CTA140.4X CE CTA140.4XGCE CTA143 ECO CTA143C UNI CTL15/0 UNI CTL150 ECO HOOVER H132I 001 H15001 H15A007 H23D 001 H23DA007 HL15001 HL15011 HL15021 HL15I 001 HM22C001 HM26A007 HM26C001 HM28C001 HT144 011 HT144 021 HTA14 021 HTA14 031 R15AGB R15GB RCM22GB RCM26AGB RCM26GB RCM28GB RD20 SUNI RD20GB RD23AGB RD23GB RL15 CE RL15 GB RL15 SUNI RL15BCH RL15CH RM14 CE RM14 CH RM14 SUNI RM14BCH