Candy Washing Machine Door Seal Gasket 92131671


Candy washing machine door seal gasket will fit selected Candy washing machines, part number 92131671 this is a genuine manufacturers spare part.

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This replacement door seal will fit the following Candy washers, ACT109ACRS ACTIVA79R AQUAV.800ES C577T ACT129ACRSI ACTIVA79RSY AQUAV.CE101 C835T ACTIVA105AC ACTIVA85AC C1041 CE104 ACTIVA108AC ACTIVA89ACR C1042T CE104/1 ACTIVA1091AC ACTIVA89ACRS C1044T CE1049T ACTIVA109ACR ACTIVA95AC C1262T CE1055TTEMPO ACTIVA125AC ACTIVA99R C532 CE114 ACTIVA128AC AQUAV.1000ES C535T CE124 ACTIVA1291AC AQUAV.100AC C535T/C CE124/1 ACTIVA129ACR AQUAV.120AC C536T CE1249T CE94 CI100TR CI813T SMART12 ACT. CI100A CI1016TR CI816TR WM1001 CI100T BLU CI1051T CI827TR ES WM601 CI100T METAL CI120TR CI950TR WM801 CI100T ROSSO CI120TR EXP ECO 1000 WP900 CI100T Y CI656TR ECO 1001 Other part numbers for this item: 92131713