Candy Washing Machine Drum Paddle Lifter 41021914


Genuine Candy washing machine drum paddle also known as lifter or agitator, part number 41021914 if yours have come loose or are completly off then its an easy fix to stop your machine damaging your clothes.

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Will fit the following Candy washers, CKDGO86/1 CO107F-37S CO127DF/3-1 CO166F/2-14 CKDGOKF086 CO116F/1-47 CO127DF-12 CO166F-14S CKDGOKF710 CO116F/2-47 CO136F-47 CO166F-84 CO105DF-16S CO116F-47 CO146DF/1-84 CO372S-47 CO105F/1-16 CO117F-47 CO146DF-84 CO373/L-47 CO105F-16S CO126F/1-84S CO146F/1-14 CO373-47 CO106.5F-12 CO126F/2-84 CO146F/2-14 COS105DF CO106F/1-03 CO126F-47 CO146F-14S COS105DF/2- CO106F/2-03 CO126F-84S CO146F-84 COS105DF-16S CO106F-03S CO127DF/2-1 CO166F/1-14S COS105F/1-16 COS105F-36S EVO1372D2-4 GO066-04S GO1062D-01 COS125D/1-1 EVO1472D2-47 GO086-04S GO1062D-04OS COS125D-16S EVO1473DW-0 GO086-85S GO1065D-37S CWB0806-01S EVO1473DW-S GO106/1-01 GO106CKD CWB1006-01S EVO1672D-S GO106/1-16S GO106DF/1-1 CWB1206-80S EVO1673DW-S GO106/1-37 GO106DF-01 EVO1072D-01 EVO41072D-01 GO106-04S GO106DF-16S EVO1072D-S EVO41072D-S GO1060D/1-01 GO107/2-16S EVO1272D-37 EVO41273DW GO1060D-37S GO107/3-16S EVO1274LW-S EVO41274LW- GO106-16S GO1070D GO1070D/1 GO1260D-37S GO1275LS GO146/1-14 GO107DF/1 GO1260DX-37S GO127DF/1-1 GO146/1-84 GO107DF/2-01 GO126-16S GO127DF/2-1 GO1460D-14 GO107DF/2-S GO1262D-12 GO127DF-18 GO1460D-36S GO107DF/3-0 GO126DF/1-16 GO136/1-14 GO1460D-84 GO107DFS-UK GO126DF-16S GO136L-47 GO1460DH-03S GO1160D-37S GO126TXT-42S GO145/1-84 GO1462D/1-36 GO125-16S GO127/1-89S GO145/2-84 GO1462D-14 GO126/1-14 GO127/2-89S GO1452D-84 GO1462D-36S GO126/1-36S GO1272D/1-1 GO145-86S GO146-86S GO146DF/1-8 GO166/1-14 GO167DF/1-8 GO4106-16S GO146DF/1-84 GO166/1-84 GO167DF-89S GO41062D/1 GO146DF-03S GO166/1-86S GO4085-06S GO41062D/2 GO146DF-84 GO1660D-86S GO4086-01 GO41062D-16S GO1472DE-01 GO1662D-86S GO4105/1-16S GO4106-47 GO1472DEHC- GO166-86S GO4105-16S GO41064D/1 GO147DF/1-4 GO166DF/1 GO4106/1-16S GO41064D-16S GO147DF/1-8 GO166DF-84 GO4106-01 GO4106DF/1 GO147DF/1-S GO166DF-86 GO41060D/1 GO4106DF/2 GO147DF/2-4 GO1672D-89S GO41060DS/1 GO4106DF-01 GO4106DF-16S GO41262D-16S GO41274L/1 GO485-01 GO4106TXT-07 GO41264D-01 GO41274L-01 GO4D107-66 GO4107-47 GO41264D-16S GO41274L-16 GO4DF86/1-6 GO4107DF/1 GO41264L-36S GO4127DF/1- GO4DS107-66 GO4107DF-01 GO4126DF/1 GO4127DF-89 GO4F085-01S GO4107DF-16 GO4126DF-16S GO4136-47 GO4F086-01S GO4107DF-UK GO4126TXT-16 GO4146-80 GO4F106/1-1 GO4126-16S GO41272D/1- GO4611-47 GO4F106/2 GO41262D/1 GO41272D-16 GO471ED-47 GO4F106-16S GO41262D-01 GO4127-47 GO4755-JL GO4F106-UK GO4L127-66 GO6120D-37 GOF106/2-16 GOF136-14S GO4LS127-66 GO613/1-47 GOF106-16S GOF137/1-47 GO4W264-07S GO614/1-47 GOF107/3-36 GOF146/1-14 GO4W264-47 GO710-49 GOF107/4-36 GOF146/1-47 GO4W264D-UK GO760-JL GOF107-UK GOF146/1-84 GO4W464-80 GO86/1-01 GOF125-01S GOF146/2-84 GO510/1-16S GO860DF/1 GOF126-01S GOF146-14S GO610.5-12S GO870DF/1 GOF127/1-37 GOF146-47 GO612.5D-12S GOF086-01S GOF127/2-S GOF146-84 GO612/1-47 GOF106/1-16 GOF127/3-47 GOF147/1-01 GOF166/1-14S GOF510/1-16S GOFS272B/1- GOW264D-12 GOF166/1-84 GOF662-80 GOFS272S/1 GOW464-01S GOF166/2-84 GOF662B/1-80 GOFS272S-80 GOW464-47 GOF166-14S GOF662S/1-80 GOK107DF-SY GOW464-80 GOF166-84 GOFS262/1-80 GOK107DSEG GOW464D-86S GOF462/2-80 GOFS262-80 GOKF086/1 GOW465-01S GOF462-80 GOFS262S/1 GOKF710/1 GOW465D-86S GOF462S-80 GOFS262S-80 GOKF87-SYR GOW465D-UK GOF472/1-80 GOFS272/1-80 GOW164-10S GOW546-47 GOF472/3-80 GOFS272-80 GOW264D-03S GOW556-47 KITGO610SKD SKDGO610UZB VHF612-84 WT1264E SKDGO107