Commutator Cleaning Stick


Commutator Cleaning Stick Color may vary depending on supplier.

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Commutator cleaning stick that is used to refresh the surface of the motor commutator in a washing machine before the carbon brushes are replaced.



We do recommend that, like most engineers will do when replacing carbon brushes, that you clean the commutator on the motor armature. This can massively extend the life of the new brushes and makes the motor work more effectively as then the carbons have a better contact with the commutator itself.



This is a very fine abrasive stick which cleans the commutator segments without doing any harm to them, the use of other materials is highly likley to cause damage to the motor when cleaning. It is also designed to reach into the commutator whilst the motor is still in place in the washing machine saving the need to remove the motor in many cases where there is access.