Creda Washing Machine Drain Pump C00199374


Washing machine drain pump to fit selected Creda washers, this is a genuine manufacturers spare part, part number C00199374, if your washer hasnt spun the clothes and there is still water left in the washer this could be the problem part, they can get blocked and often just fail or go weak and are not capable of draining the water. Replacement is fairly easy.

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This drain pump will fit the following Creda washers, 17071E 17085 17112E 17343E 17072E 17086 17112G 17345 17076 17087 17113G 17345E 17077 17088G 17113X 17346X 17078 17094E 17120 17390E 17079 17095E 17121E 47305 17080 17096E 17176 47306 17081 17098E 17185E 47307 17083E 17110 17186E 47308 17084E 17111 17187E W100FW W1200 W120FW W120VW WD1200