Drain Pump For Bush Washing Machines


Bush Washing Machine Drain Pump

Has your Bush washing machine stopped draining water, it could be a blocked pump, or broken pump, check your filter first before deciding you need a pump.

High quality compatible pump used by our own service engineers

Specification: 30W, 220/240V, 50Hz

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Will fit the following models,

Fits Models:

A1249RL, A1249RLB, A1249RLBJ, A1249RLJ, A126Q, A126QB, A126QC, A126QR, A126QS, A127LDW, A127QB, A127QS, A127QW, A128QB, A128QS, A128QW, A129QB, A129QS, A129QW, A146CDB, A146CDW, A146Q, A147CR6B, A147CR6W, A147QB, A147QS, A147QW, C41250CRL210, F621QB, F621QS, F621QW, F721QB, F721QS, F721QW, F821QB, F821QS, F821QW, F841QB, F841QS, F841QW, N12CR6, N146CA2, N14CRL, RET721B, RET721C, WD8614W, WMNS714W, WMNS814B, WMNS941W

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