Dyson Hoover DC04 DC07 DC14 Vacuum Cleaner Brush Bar Roller Agitator & 2 Belts


Quality replacement brushbar and belts to fit selected Dyson hoovers Please note these parts are for the Non Clutch Models. We only supply genuine manufacturers spare parts, or good quality compatible parts that our own engineers use to repair our customers appliances. Please be aware there are cheap inferior parts available online which we dont supply. I will not sell any part that i am not happy to use to repair our customers appliances.

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These parts will fit, DYSON DC04 Constant Max UK (Dark Steel/Orange), DC04 Constant Max UK (Silver/Lime), DC04 Silver/Lime UK (Silver/Lime), DC04i UK (Silver/Blue), DC07 HEPA (Clutchless) UK (Dark Steel/White), DC07 Precision (Argos Exclusive) (Clutchless) UK (Light Steel/Dark Steel/Black), DC07 Standard (Clutchless) UK (Silver/Yellow), DC07 Standard (Clutchless) UK (Steel/Yellow), DC07 Tool Kit MO Exclusive (Clutchless) UK (Steel/Turquoise), DC07i (Clutchless) UK (Steel/Yellow/Purple), DC14 (Clutchless) UK (Iron/Titanium/Yellow), DC14 HEPA (Clutchless) UK (Iron/Titanium/Lavender), DC14 Origin (Clutchless) UK (Steel/Yellow), DC14i (Clutchless) UK (Dark Steel/Light Steel/Yellow)"