Electrolux Dishwasher Door Lock Catch 50286082008


Electrolux dishwasher door lock catch will fit selected Electrolux dishwashers, part number 50286082008, this is a genuine manufacturers spare part. Electrolux have changed this part number to 4055283925

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This replacement door lock catch will fit the following Electrolux dishwashers, DW125W ESF4100 ESF6100X ESF6122 EASY ESF4120 ESF6101 ESF6123 EASY ALU ESF4130 ESF6109 ESF6129 ESF2420 ESF4131 ESF611 ESF6130 ESF2435 ESF452 ESF6110 ESF6130K ESF2435 S ESF609 ESF6111 ESF6131 ESF2435S ESF610 ESF6119 ESF614 ESF2435U ESF610 -BIO ESF612 ESF6140 ESF2440 ESF6100 ESF6120 ESF6151 ESF2440S ESF6100W ESF6121 ESF619 ESF619K ESI4120X ESI6100X ESI6112W ESF620 ESI430B ESI6104B ESI6112X ESF6224 ESI430K ESI6104W ESI6120B ESF6226 ESI430W ESI6104X ESI6120W ESF673 ESI430X ESI6110A ESI6120X ESI4110K ESI602B ESI6110K ESI6180U ESI4110W ESI602W ESI6110U ESI6180X ESI4110X ESI602X ESI6110W ESI652B ESI4120K ESI6100K ESI6110X ESI652W ESI4120W ESI6100W ESI6112K ESI652X ESI664A ESL2435 I ESL499 ESL6180 ESI664B ESL4110 ESL6100 ESL620 ESI664K ESL4114 ESL6111I ESL624 ESI664W ESL4135 ESL6114 ESL679I ESI664X ESL4160 ESL6123 ESL692.1 ESI669B ESL424 ESL6124 ESL972 ESI669K ESL444I ESL614 LL12B ESI669W ESL459 ESL6154 LL12X ESI669X ESL492 ESL6164 TP5 ESL2435 Other part numbers for this item: 1524077011, 1524077045, 50272150009