Electrolux Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheels x 8


8 x Basket Wheels To Fit Electrolux Dishwashers

Quality basket wheels as used by our own service engineers.

Electrolux Dishwasher Basket Wheels

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Will fit the following models: BDW46 BDW54 BDW55 DA4143 DA4441 DA4441N DA4441S DA4442 DA4541 DA4552 DA6041 DA6142 DA6142N DA6142S DA6153 DA6241 DA6242 DA6332 DA6341 DA6342 DA6343 DA6344 DA6345 DA6452 DA6473 DE2144 DE2244 DE2354 DE2554 DE2654 DE4754 DE4756 DE4855 DE4944 DE540X DE6344 DE6444 DE6540 DE6541 DE6543 DE6543X DE6544 DE6545 DE6545X DE6554 DE6644 DE6744 DE6753 DE6754 DE6754S DE6755 DE6755ALU DE6844 DE6850 DE6850ALU DE6854 DE6855 DE6865 DE6865ALU DE6865X DE6954 DE6955 DE6955A DE6955X DE6956 DE6956A DE6956X DE6965 DF6926 DF6954 DH092W DH104W DH200W DX6450 DX6451 DX6452 DX6453 EASY ESF4101 ESF4110 ESF4121 ESF4126 ESF4127 ESF4129 ESF4132 ESF4142 ESF4150 ESF4151 ESF4153 ESF4159 ESF4160 ESF4542 ESF4560 ESF6101 ESF6102 ESF6110 ESF6111 ESF6119 ESF6121 ESF6122 ESF6123 ESF6124 ESF6124X ESF6126 ESF6126X ESF6128 ESF6129 ESF6131 ESF6132 ESF6132K ESF6132X ESF6133 ESF6135 ESF6135S ESF6136 ESF6141 ESF6142 ESF6145 ESF6146 ESF6146S ESF6150 ESF6150X ESF6151 ESF6152 ESF6159 ESF6159S ESF6160 ESF6161 ESF6161S ESF6161X ESF6162 ESF6224 ESF6226 ESF6521 ESF6522 ESF6525 ESF6526 ESF6528 ESF6529 ESF6535 ESF6543 ESF6543X ESF6546S ESF6549 ESF6549X ESF6550 ESF6560 ESF6561 ESF6562 ESF6562BIG ESF6563 ESF6565 ESF6569 ESI4112K ESI4112W ESI4112X ESI4121K ESI4121W ESI4121X ESI4142B ESI4142W ESI4142X ESI6104B ESI6104K ESI6104W ESI6104X ESI6105B ESI6105K ESI6105W ESI6105X ESI6110K ESI6110W ESI6110X ESI6112K ESI6112W ESI6112X ESI6120B ESI6120W ESI6120X ESI6142B ESI6142W ESI6142X ESI6160 ESI6160B ESI6160K ESI6160X ESI6162B ESI6162W ESI6162X ESI6180 ESI6180K ESI6180U ESI6180X ESL4111I ESL4114 ESL4115 ESL4120 ESL4121 ESL4125 ESL4126 ESL4131 ESL4142 ESL4161 ESL6111I ESL6114 ESL6115 ESL6124 ESL6125 ESL6142 ESL6164 ESL6185 F.OPTIMAAA F.PROTECT-N F40742 F43470IB F43470I-B F43470ID F43470I-D F43470IM F43470I-M F43470IW F43470I-W F43480IB F43480I-B F43480ID F43480I-D F43480IM F43480I-M F43480IW F43480I-W F44060VIL F44070ILA F44070ILM F44070VIL F44080ILA F44080IL-A F44080ILM F44080IL-M F44080VIL F44420 F44430 F44450 F44480IA F44480I-A F44480IM F44480I-M F44480VI F44485VI F44750 F44760 F44850 F44860 F44860S F50580VI F50630 F50742 F54750 F54850 F54850S F55060 F55060VI F64070 F64070ILA F64070ILM F64070VIL F64075VIL F64080 F64080ILA F64080IL-A F64080ILB F64080ILM F64080IL-M F64080ILW F64080VIL F64085ILM F64085IL-M F64085VIL F64470IA F64470I-A F64470ID F64470I-D F64470IM F64470I-M F64470IW F64470I-W F64480IA F64480I-A F64480IB F64480I-B F64480ID F64480I-D F64480IM F64480I-M F64480IW F64480I-W F64850 F64860 F65060ILB F65060ILM F65060ILW F65060VIL F65080VIL F84460IM F84470VI F84475VI F84485VI F85460VI F85480VI F86070ILA F86070ILM F86070VIL F86080ILA F86080IL-A F86080ILM F86080IL-M F86080VIL F86470IA F86470I-A F86470IM F86470I-M F86480IA F86480I-A F86480IM F86480I-M F88070VIL F88080VIL FAUTO FAUTOAA FAVG330 FFIESTAAA FIDW41 FIDW42 FMAGIC-IM FMAGIC-VI FOPTIMAAA FPERFECTAA FPROTECT-N IZZI IZZI ALU IZZIALU JLBIDW1200 JLDWW1201 LL12B LL12X TBDW42 TDF200 TDS200 TP5 ZDF100 ZDF200 ZDF210 ZDF210F ZDF220 ZDF230 ZDF250 ZDF250ALU ZDF310 ZDF310F ZDF400 ZDF400X ZDF500 ZDF510 ZDF550 ZDF600 ZDI100N ZDI100W ZDI100X ZDI110X ZDI111B ZDI111W ZDI111X ZDI200N ZDI200X ZDI300X ZDI4141B ZDI4141W ZDI4141X ZDI425X ZDI6041B ZDI6041N ZDI6041W ZDI6041X ZDI6052W ZDI6052X ZDI6053N ZDI6053W ZDI6053X ZDI6054QX ZDI6054SX ZDI6142N ZDI6142W ZDI6142X ZDI6453N ZDI6453X ZDI6556N ZDI6556W ZDI6556X ZDI6744 ZDI6764X ZDI6895QA ZDI6895QX ZDI6895SX ZDI6896QA ZDI6896QX ZDI6896SX ZDIL110X ZDIS100W ZDIS100X ZDS100 ZDS200 ZDS200F ZDS300 ZDS350 ZDT100 ZDT110 ZDT200 ZDT300 ZDT4041 ZDT4152 ZDT425 ZDT5044 ZDT5053 ZDT5152 ZDT5195 ZDT5453 ZDT6041 ZDT6053 ZDT6152 ZDT6244 ZDT6255 ZDT6453 ZDT6454 ZDT6455 ZDT6764 ZDT6896 ZDT8453 ZDTL200 ZDTS100 ZSF4111 ZSF4112 ZSF4123 ZSF4123S ZSF4126 ZSF4143 ZSF4143S ZSF6066S ZSF6120 ZSF6126 ZSF6128 ZSF6150 ZSF6150S ZSF6150X ZSF6152 ZSF6160 ZSF6161 ZSF6161N ZSF6161S MANUFACTURERS NAMES & NUMBERS ARE USED FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY

Electrolux Dishwasher Spares Parts Basket Wheels