Electrolux Dishwasher Thermostat 1115912063


Electrolux dishwasher thermostat, temperature sensing, will fit selected Electrolux dishwashers, part number 1115912063 this is a genuine manufacturers spare part.

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This replacement thermostat will fit the following Electrolux dishwashers, DX303SK ESF 6235W ESF4150 ESF6124X DX303SL ESF 6235-W ESF4159 ESF6125X DX303WK ESF 6238W ESF43010 ESF6126 DX303WL ESF4110 ESF43011 ESF6126X EASY ESF4121 ESF4542 ESF6127 ESF 6220-W ESF4126 ESF6119 ESF6128 ESF 6223W ESF4127 ESF6121 ESF6129 ESF 6225W ESF4129 ESF6122 ESF6131 ESF 6227W ESF4132 ESF6123 ESF6132 ESF 6230W ESF4142 ESF6124 ESF6132X ESF6135 ESF6220-W ESF6240W ESF63019 ESF6141 ESF6221 ESF6240X ESF63020 ESF6142 ESF6224 ESF6241W ESF63020X ESF6151 ESF6226 ESF6241-W ESF63021 ESF6159 ESF6227W ESF6242W ESF63025 ESF6159S ESF6231W ESF6243W ESF63029 ESF6160 ESF6236 ESF6245 ESF63030 ESF6163 ESF6238W ESF6245W ESF63032 ESF6220 ESF6238X ESF6246W ESF64010 ESF6220W ESF6239W ESF63010 ESF64011 ESF64014 ESF65012 ESF6528 ESI4121W ESF64014X ESF65013 ESF6529 ESI4121X ESF64016 ESF65014 ESF6549 ESI4142B ESF64019 ESF65014X ESF6549X ESI4142W ESF64019X ESF65015 ESF6560 ESI4142X ESF64020 ESF65015X ESF662W ESI45010W ESF64020X ESF6521 ESI36012B ESI45010X ESF64029 ESF6522 ESI36012W ESI6105B ESF64029X ESF6525 ESI36012X ESI6105K ESF65011X ESF6526 ESI4121K ESI6105W ESI6105X ESI6220 K ESI6221X ESI63010W ESI6113X ESI6220 W ESI6230B ESI63010X ESI6120B ESI6220 X ESI6230W ESI63020W ESI6120W ESI6220W ESI6231X ESI63020X ESI6120X ESI6220X ESI6240 K ESI64010K ESI6142B ESI6221 K ESI6240 -K ESI64010W ESI6142W ESI6221 W ESI6240 W ESI64010X ESI6142X ESI6221 X ESI6240 -X ESI662-BR ESI6150 X ESI6221K ESI6240-W ESI662-CN ESI6150X ESI6221W ESI63010K ESI662-SW ESI662-W ESL4121 ESL6124 ESL6531 ESI662-WE ESL4125 ESL6125 ESL9160 ESI662-X ESL4126 ESL614 ESU6211 X ESI9112X ESL4131 ESL6142 ESU6211X ESL 6225 ESL4142 ESL6143 ESU6222B ESL 6531 ESL4143 ESL6225 ESU6222W ESL 654 ESL43010 ESL6230 ESU6222X ESL4115 ESL45010 ESL6231 ESU6223B ESL4116 ESL45011 ESL63010 ESU6223W ESL4120 ESL6115 ESL64010 ESU6223X GA551F100 GA55L100D GA55LI100D GA60LI100 GA551F100D GA55L100W GA55LI100W GA60LXI101 GA551F100-D GA55L100X GA55LI100X GA90GLV400 GA551F100W GA55L101 GA55LI101 LL60B GA552F101 GA55LI100 GA55LS100 LL60X GA55L100 GA55LI100B GA55LV101 TP5 GA55L100B Other part numbers for this item: 1115912006, 1115912048