Electrolux Door Switch Interlock 1249675131


Electrolux Door Interlock 1249675131 if your machine isnt starting up this could be one of the reasons, if you have had to bang the door to get it started, or there is a long delay, its best to replace this part before it damages some of the delicate electronic components in the machine.

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This replacement door switch will fit the following Electrolux washers, CMF616 EW1290W EWF1010 EWF10470W EW1030F EW1418I EWF1020 EWF10479W EW1066F EW1447W EWF1025 EWF10480W EW1080F EW670F EWF10279W EWF1050 EW1209I EW880F EWF1029 EWF10591W EW1220N EWC10550W EWF1030 EWF10670W EW1233I EWD1300 EWF1035 EWF10679W EW1259W EWD1409I EWF1045 EWF10680W EW1266F EWD1419I EWF1045S EWF1073 EW1289W EWD1477 EWF10470S EWF1073A EWF1074 EWF1092 EWF1222 EWF1236 EWF10771W EWF1096 EWF12240W EWF12370W EWF1082 EWF1098 EWF1225 EWF12376W EWF1082B EWF1145 EWF12250 EWF1244 EWF1082G EWF1182 EWF12270W EWF12440W EWF1083 EWF12108W EWF1229 EWF12449W EWF1084 EWF12115 EWF1230 EWF1245 EWF1086 EWF1215 EWF1232 EWF1246 EWF1087 EWF1220 EWF1234 EWF12470W EWF1090 EWF1221 EWF1235 EWF12480W EWF1249 EWF1282 EWF12981W CHILD LOCK EWF1423 EWF1250 EWF1282G EWF1387 EWF1424 EWF1255 EWF1284 EWF1410 EWF14240W EWF12580W EWF1286 EWF14108 EWF1425 EWF12591W EWF1287 EWF14108W EWF1426 EWF12660W EWF1288 EWF14115 EWF14260 EWF12670W EWF1289 EWF14118 EWF1427 EWF12680W EWF1295 EWF1412 EWF14270W EWF12780W EWF1297 EWF1420 EWF1429 EWF1280 EWF12981W EWF1422 EWF1430 EWF1434 EWF1447 EWF14589W EWF1486 EWF1435 EWF14470W EWF14589W CHILD LOCK EWF1488 EWF1436 EWF14480W EWF1470 EWF1490 EWF14370W EWF14480W CHILD LOCK EWF14780 EWF1495 EWF14373W EWF1449 EWF14780W EWF14981W EWF14375W EWF1455 EWF14781W EWF14981W CHILD LOCK EWF1444 EWF14580W EWF14785W EWF1499 EWF14440W EWF14580W CHILD LOCK EWF14786W EWF1620 EWF14450 EWF14581W EWF1481 EWF1623 EWF14460 EWF14583W EWF1484 EWF1625 EWF16250 EWF1646 EWF16780W EWF16980W CHILD LOCK EWF16260 EWF16460 EWF16780W CHILD LOCK EWF16981W EWF1629 EWF1647 EWF16781W EWF16981W CHILD LOCK EWF1630 EWF16470W EWF16785W EWF1870 EWF1636 EWF1649 EWF1680 EWF549 EWF16370 EWF1655 EWF1686 EWF551 EWF16370W EWF16580W EWF1687 EWF668 EWF1640 EWF16589W EWF1688 EWF672 EWF1644 EWF16670W EWF16980 EWF677 EWF1645 EWF16780 EWF16980W EWF735 EWF771 EWF925 EWG14750W EWS1021 EWF810 EWF935 EWI1235 EWS1030 EWF830 EWF936S EWN1020 EWS10400W EWF860 EWF984 EWN1030 EWS10410W EWF882 EWG12440W EWN1220 EWS10412W EWF887 EWG12450W EWN1220A EWS1046 EWF888 EWG12740W EWN1620W EWS1050 EWF890 EWG12750W EWN1640 EWS1051 EWF896 EWG14440W EWS1007 EWS1059Z EWF900 EWG14740W EWS1020 EWS10610W EWS10612W EWS12412W EWS12710W EWW1292 EWS10710W EWS1247 EWS12712W EWW1400 EWS10712W EWS1250 EWS650 EWW1440 EWS1105 EWS1250Z EWS800 EWW14470W EWS11600W EWS1251 EWS850 EWW14581W EWS1200 EWS1258 EWW1000 EWW14582W EWS1221 EWS1258Z EWW1210 EWW14781W EWS1230 EWS1259 EWW12470W EWW1495 EWS1240 EWS12610W EWW12480W EWW16489W EWS12410W EWS12612W EWW1290 EWW1649 EWW16781W EWX14540W WAGL7E100 WASL1E100 EWW1690 NEAT1600 WAGLES7000 WASL2E100 EWX1237 WAGL4E100 WAL2E100 WASL4E100 EWX12540W WAGL5S100 WAL4E100 WTGL3E100 EWX14440W WAGL6E100 WAL6E100