Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Brush Roller 506005873001


Genuine Electrolux vacuum cleaner brush roller will fit selected Electrolux vacuum cleaners, part number 506005873001 regular changing of worn brushrollers and belts will greatly increase your vacuum cleaners performance.

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This brushroller will fit the follwing Electrolux vacuums, BOSS, CYCLONE POWER MAX, CYCLONE POWER PLUS (EXCEPT 4681, 4685), CYCLONE POWER ULTIMA, HARMONY GLIDER, POWERLINE, POWERLITE, HILIGHT, VELOCITY, VITESSE: BRUSHROLL TO FIT ELECTROLUX Z13**, Z43**, Z46**, Z57** SERIES: Z1358, Z1359, Z1360, Z1361, Z1362, Z1363, Z1364, Z1368, Z1370, Z1371, Z1373, Z1376, Z1379, Z15740A, Z15747, Z2250A, Z2255, Z2901, Z2905, Z2911, Z2911A, Z2915, Z2920, Z2925, Z2927B, Z2930, Z4383, Z4384, Z4385, Z4386, Z4387, Z4388, Z4393, Z4623, Z4645, Z4646, Z4648, Z4680, Z4682, Z4683, Z4684, Z4700A, Z4701A, Z4702, Z4703AZ, Z4707AZ, Z5500, Z5501, Z5505, Z5506, Z5510, Z5600A, Z5605AZ, Z5705, Z5710, Z5749, Z5755: