Genuine BOSCH TYPE P MegaAir SuperTex Vacuum Cleaner Bags


Genuine Bosch type P vacuum cleaner bags and filter.

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These bags will fit the following Bosch hoovers, BSG81266AU/10 BSH BSG81466/09 BSH BSG81466/14 BSH BSG81880GB/01 BSH BSG82000GB/01 BSH BSG82022GB/01 BSH BSG82200GB/01 BSH BSG82200GB/10 BSH BSG82485/01 BSH BSG8PRO1/02 BSH BSG8PRO1/09 BSH BSG8PRO1/10 BSH BSG8PRO1/15 BSH BSG8PRO11/02 BSH BSG8PRO11/09 BSH BSG8PRO11/10 BSH BSG8PRO11/15 BSH BSG8PRO12/09 BSH BSG8PRO12/15 BSH BSG8PRO1AU/10 BSH BSG8PRO1AU/15 BSH BSG8PRO1GB/02 BSH BSG8PRO1GB/09 BSH BSG8PRO1GB/10 BSH BSG8PRO1GB/15 BSH BSG8PRO1GB/22 BSH