Genuine Vax Rapide Vacuum Cleaner Carpet Washer Accessory Hose Kit


Genuine Vax vacuum cleaner, carpet washer accessory hose kit, Vax part number 1112807000.

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This replacement hose kit will fit the following Vax carpet washers, Match Rapide Classic V-026CC, Rapide Match XL V-027CC, Rapide PowerJet Pro V-028U, Rapide XL Pre-Treatment V-027M, Match Rapide Power V-028CC, Rapide PowerJet CCW-501, Rapide PowerJet V-028M, Rapide XL Pro V-027PT, Pet Rapide XL V-027P, Rapide PowerJet Pet Anniversary Edition V-028AN, Rapide PowerJetPro Pre Treatment V-028PT, Rapide XL Pro V-027U, Rapide Deluxe CCW-302, Rapide PowerJet Pet V-028PET, Rapide Supreme Pre-Treatment V-023PT, Rapide XL Ultimate V-027Y, Rapide Deluxe Pre-Treatment V-026PT, Rapide PowerJet Pre-treatment V-028MPT, Rapide Supreme V-023, Rapide XL Ultra CCW-703, Rapide Deluxe V-026, Rapide PowerJet Pro CCW-502, Rapide V-025, Rapide XL Ultra V-027X, Rapide Deluxe V-026RD, Rapide PowerJet Pro Pet V-028PU, Rapide XL CCW-701, Rapide XL V-027, Rapide Deluxe V-026U, Rapide PowerJet Pro V-028, Rapide XL High Traffic V-027HT