Genuine Zanussi Washing Machine Drain Pump


Genuine Zanussi washing machine drain pump will fit selected washing machines. If your washing machine isnt taking all the water away this could be the part you need. This genuine Zanussi spare part is fitted with a thermal fuse, most of the cheap copy pumps do not have this fitted, this is an important part as cheaper pumps can cause damage to your delicate electronics. Zanuiis part number 1326630009

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This pump will fit the following Zanussi washers, ZWF1430W, ZWF1221W, ZWF12580W, ZWF1420, ZWF1431S, ZWF1226, ZWF1311W, ZWF1420W, ZWF1431W, ZWF1227W, ZWF1400, ZWF1421, ZWF1432S, ZWF12280W, ZWF14070W, ZWF1421S, ZWF1432W, ZWF1230W, ZWF14070W1, ZWF1421W, ZWF1434W, ZWF1231W, ZWF14080W, ZWF1427W, ZWF1437S, ZWF1237W, ZWF1410, ZWF14280S, ZWF1437W, ZWF1440, ZWF16070S, ZWF1632W, ZWF250, ZWF1440W, ZWF16070W, ZWF1637W, ZWF260, ZWF1441W, ZWF16070W1, ZWF1640S, ZWF3100, ZWF1450W, ZWF1620, ZWF1640W, ZWF3102, ZWF1451W, ZWF1621, ZWF1650W, ZWF3105, ZWF14581W, ZWF1621S, ZWF1651W, ZWF3120, ZWF14791W, ZWF1621W, ZWF16581S, ZWF3122, ZWF150, ZWF16281W, ZWF16581W, ZWF3125, ZWF1521W, ZWF1630W, ZWF1840, ZWF3145, ZWF365, ZWF5125, ZWG3104, ZWG3125, ZWF380, ZWF5185, ZWG3105, ZWG3125S, ZWF380-60000039FOXTR, ZWF580, ZWG3105A, ZWG3126, ZWF382, ZWF682, ZWG3105S, ZWG3128, ZWF384, ZWF826, ZWG3106, ZWG3129, ZWF385, ZWF9570W, ZWG3107, ZWG3142, ZWF386, ZWG3100, ZWG3120, ZWG3143, ZWF388, ZWG3101, ZWG3121, ZWG3144, ZWF5100, ZWG3102, ZWG3122, ZWG3145, ZWG3163, ZWG5136, ZWG6100A, ZWG6165, ZWG3164, ZWG5140, ZWG6102, ZWGH7105, ZWG3165, ZWG5141, ZWG6105, ZWH5100, ZWG380, ZWG5145, ZWG6120, ZWH5102, ZWG385, ZWG5156, ZWG6121, ZWH5105, ZWG385A, ZWG5160, ZWG6122, ZWH5105A, ZWG390, ZWG5161, ZWG6125, ZWH5125, ZWG5105, ZWG5165, ZWG6141, ZWH520, ZWG5120, ZWG5249, ZWG6145, ZWH6100, ZWH6105, ZWN6120, ZWS1030, ZWS7107, ZWH6120, ZWN6125, ZWS1040, ZWS7127, ZWH6125, ZWO3104, ZWS3102, ZWS787, ZWH6145, ZWO384, ZWS3122, ZWS820, ZWH6165, ZWO5105, ZWS382, ZWS830, ZWH6195, ZWO585, ZWS5107, ZWT71201WA (91460602700), ZWH7145, ZWO6105, ZWS587, ZWT71401WA (91460602200, 91460602300, 91460602400), ZWN3145, ZWO685, ZWS6107, ZWT71411WA (91460602500), ZWN6100, ZWO7105, ZWS6127, ZWV1651S, ZWW12570W (91460420501), ZWX1506W, ZWX1606W, ZWX1505W, ZWX1605W. ADV106, F1045W, F1245W, F1626, ADV86, F1046, F1246, F1645, ADVNTG45, F1203W, F1247, F1646, ADVNTG55, F1213, F1256W, F1647, ADVNTG85, F1214, F1415, F1648, BONUX, F1215, F1425, F423, F1015, F1225, F1426, F550, F1025, F1226, F1427, F555, F1026, F1227, F1446, F650, F1032, F1232, F1447, F750, F832, FA1026HYDR, FA423VARIO, FA5423, F850, FA1031E, FA4412, FA568, F855, FA1032, FA4422, FA580, F900, FA1035E, FA489, FA581, FA1005, FA1055E, FA5022, FA589, FA1021, FA1074, FA5023, FA605, FA1022, FA1084E, FA513, FA615E, FA1023, FA4012, FA522, FA621, FA1025E, FA4022, FA523, FA622, FA1026HDRO, FA422, FA523VARIO, FA623, FA624VARIO, FA826, FA932, FD1216, FA626, FA826HYDRO, FAE1025V, FD1226, FA6642, FA831E, FAE1026V, FD1416, FA674, FA832, FAE1226, FD1426, FA678E, FA835E, FAE625, FD1616, FA722, FA8432, FAE825V, FD1626, FA8023, FA868, FBU55, FE1002, FA821, FA874, FBU85, FE1004, FA822, FA878E, FD1016, FE1005, FA825E, FA884E, FD1026, FE1006, FE1006NN, FE1215, FE804, FJE1205, FE1014, FE1405, FE825G, FJE1236, FE1024N, FE1406, FE827G, FJE1436, FE1025G, FE1414, FE904NN, FJE1635, FE1026N, FE1415, FE925N, FJE1636, FE1027G, FE1416, FJDR1266W, FJE904, FE1200, FE1446, FJDR1466S, FJR1254W, FE1205, FE1614, FJDR1466W, FJR1454W, FE1206, FE1646, FJDR1666W, FL1008, FE1214, FE802, FJE1204G, FL1015, FL1018, FL708ALU, FS1255S, FWF1400, FL1090, FL808, FS1255W, FX1165W, FL1090ALU, FL908, FS1355W, FX1265W, FL1108, FM1003, FS1455W, FX1365W, FL1108ALU, FM1203, FS1555W, FX1465W, FL1208, FR1250S, FV1035N, FXC1206, FL1231, FR1250W, FV504, FXC1406, FL1290, FR1450W, FV825N, LC400, FL608, FS1055W, FV832, QUARZO, II, FL708, FS1155W, FV850N, QUARZOII, RUBINO II, ZKG2145 (91460401302, 91460401303, 91460403700, 91460403701), ZKI225 (91460600002, 91460600003, 91460600004, 91460600700, 91460600701, 91460600702, 91460600703), ZWC85010W, RUBINOII, ZKG7125 (91460404200), ZKI245 (91460610302, 91460610303), ZWC85050W, ZAFFIRO II, ZKG7143 (91460405100), ZKI525 (91460610402, 91460610403, 91460610404), ZWC85055W, ZAFFIROII, ZKG7145 (91460404800), ZKN7124 (91460441501, 91460442900, 91460442901), ZWD12270G1 (91460403401, 91460403402, 91460403403), ZE12, ZKG7165 (91460404900), ZKN7147J (91460443900), ZWD12270S1 (91460403101), ZE14, ZKG7169 (91460405300), ZWC10510W, ZWD12270W1, (91460402801, 91460402802