Hoover Candy Washing Machine Heater Heating Element 41042459


Genuine Hoover Washing Machine Heater 41042459

Is your Hoover or Candy washing machine not heating up, this could be the part you need to fix your faulty washer.

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Will fit the following models,

HWB240IS80S, CWB1206L80S, HWB814DL80S, CWB814DL80S, EVO8123D80, VT714D2180, VTS712D21B80, VTS712D2180, EVO8143DB80, EVO8143D80, EVO8143DS80, EVO7142D80, EVOS7122DB80, EVOS7122D80, DYN814TW180, EVO8163D80, DYN7164D80, DYN7144DS80, DYN7144DS180, WMH168D80, OPH716DFL80, OPH714DFL80, OPH616L80, OPH614L80, GOF472L80, GOF462L80, GODF800L80, EVO1483DW180, EVO1483DW80, VHW458A80, VHW654D80, VHW656D80, CDB754D180, HDB854D180, GC41472D1B180, WDYN856DS80, WDYN8154D80, WDYN755DB80, WDYN755D80

Hoover Washing Machine Parts Spares Heaters 41042459