Hoover Fridge Door Handle 41003903


Hoover fridge door handle will fit selected Hoover fridges part number 41003903 this is a genuine manufacturers spare part.

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This replacement door handle will fit the following Hoover fridges, H3650 HCA332F HCA390F HCA401 HC372F HCA350K HCA390FFK HCA401AL HCA270 HCA351 HCA390K HCA403 HCA270AL HCA351K HCA391FFK HCA404PW HCA275PLUS HCA351KA HCA391FKALU HCA450FK HCA300FK HCA352K HCA391K HCA450FTTD HCA310K HCA381 HCA391KALU HCA452F HCA330FFK HCA381EV HCA393FK HCA453 HCA331FFK HCA383 HCA394FKA HCA454AL HCA331FKA HCA383AL HCA394FKPW HCA454PW HCA454PWX HDA402AL HDP3480 HNMF3905AL80 HCA455FKPW HDA402B HDP3484 HNMF3905AP-8 HCB351/2 HDA402Y HDP3484-0 HNMF3905APL HCB381/2 HDA4060 HNM3305A-80 HNMF3905AT-8 HCB381/2AL HDA452F HNM3905A-80 HNMF4507A-80 HD422F HDA453D HNM3905AA HNMF4507AAT HDA340 HDA453FK HNM3905AAL HNMF4508AAP HDA341 HDA454FPW HNM3905AAT-8 HP3960-0 HDA345-47 HDP3454 HNMF3905A-80 HTK12AA HDA402