Hoover Tumble Dryer Vent Hose 40002137


Genuine Hoover tumble dryer vent hose will fit selected Hoover dryers, part number 40002137.

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This replacement hose will fit the following Hoover dryers, HDV6UK HNV375-80 HV71X-47 VHV381/1-80 HDV7FMUK HNV375-80/0 KIT HNV171X VHV381-80 HNV160-80 HNV375-80-0 PPV160-80 VHV680C-80 HNV160-SY HNV375-S VHV180-80 VHV680C-S HNV170-80 HNV375-S/0 VHV380/1-80 VHV680F-80 HNV171X-ISR HNV380-47 VHV380/1-86S VHV680F-85S HNV171X-SY HNV380-80 VHV380-80 VHV780CX-S HNV172-80 HNV380-SY VHV380-86S VHV780X/1 HNV270-80 HNV771X VHV380X/1-47 VHV780X-14S HNV271X-89 HSV170-80 VHV380X-47 VHV781C-80