Hoover Washing Machine Drum Paddle Lifter 41021913


Genuine Hoover washing machine drum paddle lifter part number 41021913 if this part is loose or has detached from your inner drum, then it could cause damage to your clothes, easy to fix at a reasonable price compared to a new machine, also known as Drum Lifter, Drum Agitator, Clothes Lifter, Agitator.

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This replacement drum paddle will fit the following Hoover washers, CKDVHD814 DST8166P-30 DYN10146P-16 DYN8146P-30 DST10146P-3 DST9146PVG DYN10146P-47 DYN8146P-84S DST10146P-8 DST9166P-30 DYN10146P-80 DYN8164D-80 DST10146P84S DST9166PG DYN10146P-84 DYN9124DG DST10146P-A DYN10124D-03 DYN10146PG DYN9124DZ-30 DST10146PG DYN10124DP DYN7124DZ-30 DYN9124DZG DST10146PV4 DYN10124DPG DYN8124D-18 DYN9144DG DST10166PG DYN10144DP DYN8124DZ-30 DYN9144DPG DST8146PV-47 DYN10144DPG DYN8144D-84 DYN9146P-30 DST8166P-14 DYN10145DPG DYN8144DHC DYN9146PG DYN9164DP-84 HHET8164Z OPH714D-80 SE147/2-80 DYN9164DPG HHET9140Z OPH714DS SE148/1-80 DYN9166P-AU HHET9163Z OPH714DS/2-8 SE148-80 DYN9166PG HWB814D-30S OPH714DS1-80 SKDVHD814S HDB642-80 HWB814D-80S OPH716D-80 VHD147A/1 HDB854D/1-30 OPH147/2-80 OPH814/1-86S VHD148A HDB854D/1-80 OPH147-80 OPH814/2-86S VHD148A/1 HDB854D-30S OPH148-80 OPH814-86S VHD168/1-86S HDB854D-80 OPH714D/1 SE147 VHD708-49S HHET8140 OPH714D/2-80 SE147/1-80 VHD710/1-30 VHD710-49S VHD810-04S VHD8123D07S VHD8143ZD-14 VHD7124ZD-30 VHD810-30 VHD8124D-30 VHD8143ZDB VHD7144D/2-8 VHD8103D07S VHD8124ZD-30 VHD8144D-84 VHD7144D-14 VHD8104ZD-30 VHD812-85S VHD8144D-AU VHD7144D-84 VHD811-30 VHD812-AU VHD8144DB-8 VHD714-84 VHD812/1-30 VHD814/1-47 VHD8144DHC4S VHD7164D-84 VHD812/1-47 VHD814/1-86S VHD8144PD-30 VHD716-84 VHD812/2-85S VHD814/3-86S VHD814-86S VHD810/1-04S VHD8121-30 VHD8142-80 VHD814P/1-30 VHD810/2-04S VHD8122-80 VHD8143DB-80 VHD816/1-47 VHD8162-80 VHD862-80 VHD9123ZD/1 VHD9143ZD-47 VHD8163D-86S VHD8812-47 VHD9123ZD-47 VHD9143ZD-80 VHD8163ZD-14 VHD8813-47 VHD9124D-17S VHD9143ZI-84 VHD8163ZI VHD8814D-47 VHD9124D31OS VHD9144ZD VHD8164D-86S VHD8816D-47 VHD9124D-49S VHD914Z-86S VHD822/1-80 VHD9103D-37S VHD912Z-30 VHD9153ZD-47 VHD822-80 VHD9104D-37S VHD9143PD/1 VHD9163ZD-14 VHD842/1-80 VHD912-30 VHD9143PD-30 VHD9163ZD-8 VHD842-80 VHD9123D-17S VHD9143ZD/1 VHD9163ZD-80 VHD844DB-80 VHD9123D-80 VHD9143ZD-37 VHD9163ZI-16 VHD9163ZI-84 VHW458A-80 VHW964D-80 WDYN9646P-A VHD9163ZI-86 VHW854D-80 VHW964DP-37S WDYN9646PG VHD9164ZD-86 VHW854DB-80 VHW964DP-47 WDYN9666PG VHD916Z-86S VHW854DP-47 VHW966DP-80 WMH147DF/1-8 VHD916ZI-47 VHW854ZD/1 WDYN854D-80 WMH147DF-80 VHD924D-80 VHW854ZD-86S WDYN854DG WMH148DF/1-8 VHD944D-80 VHW856D-80 WDYN856DG WMH148DF-80 VHD964ZD-80 VHW964D-14S WDYN9646G-80 WT1496E VHDF810-30