Hotpoint Washing Machine Door Seal Gasket


Hotpoint Washing Machine Door Seal Gasket will fit selected Hotpoint washers.

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Genuine Hotpoint washing machine door seal gasket will fit the following Hotpoint washing machines,

AVXXF129/1DE  WMD960GUK  WT540P  WT741G 


AVXXF1491DE  WMD960PUK  WT721/1G  WT741P 


WF560/1P  WMF560PUK  WT721/1P  WT745A 


WF560G  WMF760AUK  WT721G  WT746/1A 


WF560P  WMF760GUK  WT721P  WT746A 


WF760P  WMF760PUK  WT740G  WT760P 


WMD940AUK  WML560GUK  WT740P  WT761G 


WMD940GUK  WML560PUK  WT740T  WT761P 


WMD940PUK  WML760GUK  WT741/1G  WT940G 


WMD960AUK  WML760PUK  WT741/1P  WT940P 


WT940T  WT960P  WT960T  WT965A 



Other part numbers for this item:  1605335