Hotpoint Washing Machine Drum Paddle Lifter C00065463


Hotpoint washing machine drum paddle lifter, will fit selected Hotpoint washing machines, part number C00065463 this is a genuine manufacturers spare part, there are 10 holes on the top of the paddle, really easy to fit it just clips into place, if your old one is loose it could tear your clothes.

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This replacement drum paddle will fit the following hotpoint washing machines, HVF344UK WMF540GUK.R WMF740PUK.R WML560GUK.R HVL200UK WMF540PUK.R WMF760AUK.R WML560PUK.R HVL211UK WMF540PUK.RA WMF760GUK.R WML720PUK.R HVL222UK WMF720GUK.R WMF760PUK.R WML720PUK.RA HVL241UK WMF720GUK.RA WML520PUK.R WML730PUK.R WIN82EX WMF720PUK.R WML520PUK.RA WML730PUK.RA WMD740PUK.R WMF720PUK.RA WML540GUK.R WML740GUK.R WMF520PUK. R WMF740GUK.R WML540PUK.R WML740PUK.R WMF520PUK.RA WMF740KUK.R WML540PUK.RA WML760PUK.R