Hotpoint Dishwasher Central Waste Filter


Hotpoint Dishwasher Filter 

Have you misplaced or lost your filter for your dishwasher, its important to make sure its in place and not clogged up so you dont get the pump blocked, replace with this genuine Hotpoint spare part for the perfect fit

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Will fit the following models,

DIF04UK, DIF04UK.R, DIF04UKN, DIF1614UK, DIF1614UK.R, DIF16UK, DIF16UK.R, DIF3414MUK.R, DIS04UK, DPG15IXUK, DPG15IXUK.R, DPG15WHUK, DPG15WHUK.R, FDAL28P, FDD912G, FDD912K, FDD912P, FDD912X, FDD914G.R, FDD914K.R, FDD914P.R, FDD914X.R, FDEF33121G, FDEF33121P, FDEF4101G, FDEF4101P, FDEF4101X, FDEL3101G, FDEL3101P, FDEM3101P, FDF780A, FDF780G, FDF780K, FDF780P, FDF780PR, FDF780X, FDF784A.R, FDF784G.R, FDF784K.R, FDF784P.R, FDF784X.R, FDFF1110G, FDFF1110K, FDFF1110P, FDFF1110X, FDL570A, FDL570A.R, FDL570G, FDL570G.R, FDL570P, FDL570P.R, FDL570X, FDL570X.R, FDM550P, FDM550P.R, FDM554P, FDM554P.R, FDPF481G, FDPF481K, FDPF481P, FDPF481X, FDUD4212P, FDUD43133P, FDUD4411P, FDUD4411X, FDUD4812G, FDUD4812K, FDUD4812P, FDUD4812X, FDYF1100P, FDYF2100G, FDYF2100K, FDYF2100P, IDF125KUK, IDF125SUK, IDF125UK, IDF145UK, IDP127BD, IDP127NXUK, IDP127UK, IDP147, IDP148D, IDP148UK, IDS105KUK, IDS105SUK, IDS105UK, IDS107DUK, IDS573UK, LFS114BUK, LFS114KUK, LFS114WUK, LFS114XUK, LFT04UK/TA, LFT04UK/TA.R, LFT114/HA, LFT114UK, LFT114UK.R, LFT114UKR, LFT2284AUK, LFT2284AUK.R, LFT228AUK, LFT228AUK.R, LFT3214-1HKU, LFT32147HXUK, LFT3214HXUK, LFT321HXUK, LFTH214AAHXU, LFZ338XUK, LST216AUK, LTF11M121OUK, LTF8M121CUK, PFT834XUK, PFT8H4XUK, SDAL1200P, SDD910G, SDD910K, SDD910P, SDD910X, SDL510G, SDL510P, SDUD1200P, SW14DPPAI

Manufacturers names and numbers are used for reference only