Indesit Tumble Dryer Belt Contitech 144002145 6PHE 1991


Contitech 144002145 6PHE 1991 Tumble Dryer Belt For Indesit

Strong belt as used by our own service engineers.

Often Asked Questions

* Where is the belt on a tumble dryer?
The belt is around the drum and fits around the motor pulley, you can usually see the belt if you remove the lid, be sure to disconnect the machine from the mains supply first.
* Can tumble dryer belts stretch?
Most modern tumble dryer belts are a stretch fit and need to be to give correct tension to turn the drum.
* How do i know what size belt i need as there are many different sizes.
Usually the size is stamped on the belt itself.


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Hotpoint Indesit Contitech 144002145 6PHE 1991 Tumble Dryer Belt

Please note this belt may be supplied as a 8 rib belt or a 6 rib belt, both will still fit your dryer

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