LG Washing Machine Shock Absorbers Suspension Legs


Genuine LG washing machine suspension legs, shock absorbers dampers.

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These suspension legs will fit the follosing LG washers, WM10240F- WM1080FHD- WM1085FHD- WM1090FHB, WM1095FHB- WM11150FB- WM11155FB- WM11220FD, WM1170FHB- WM1171FHB- WM1176FHB- WM122220FD, WM12225FD- WM12230FB- WM12235FB- WM12341FD, WM12392TD- WM12397TD- WM1260FHD- WM1265FHD, WM1280FHD- WM1285FHD- WM1290FHB- WM1295FHB, WM13150FB- WM13155FB- WM1375FHB- WM1376FHB WD1041WFH- WD1055FH- WD1055FHB- WD1170FHB, WM1170FHB- WD1243FH- WD1245FHB- WD1253FHB- WD1255FHB, WD1370FHB – WD1042FH”