Bosch Dishwasher Power Cord


646105 Mains Cable For Bosch Neff Siemens Dishwashers

Has your dishwasher started to trip the electric supply, sometimes it can be the mains cable that is causing this, if yours is faulty this is an easy replacement as its a genuine manufacturers part.

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Will fit the following models,


SBV50E10GB/01, SBV69M10GB/01, SBV69M10GB/13, SBV69M10GB/14, SMI50C05GB/01, SMI50C06GB/01, SMI50C06GB/10, SMI50C06GB/13, SMI50M02GB/01, SMI50M05GB/01, SMI50M06GB/01, SMI53E05GB/51, SMI53M05GB/01, SMI69T05GB/01, SMI69T05GB/15, SMS40A02GB/01, SMS40A06GB/01, SMS40A08GB/01, SMS40C02GB/01, SMS40C12GB/03, SMS40C12GB/04, SMS40C12GB/06, SMS40C12GB/07, SMS40C12GB/10, SMS40C12GB/13, SMS40T32GB/10


S51E50X0GB/01, S51E50X0GB/16, S51E50X0GB/17, S51E50X0GB/21, S51E50X0GB/26, S51E50X0GB/27, S51E50X0GB/28, S51E50X1GB/01, S51E50X1GB/02, S51E50X1GB/03, S51E50X1GB/04, S51E50X1GB/06, S51E50X1GB/07, S51E50X1GB/08, S51E50X1GB/10, S51E50X1GB/13, S51E50X1GB/14, S51E50X1GB/18, S51E50X1GB/19, S51M53X0GB/01, S51M53X0GB/13, S51M53X0GB/16, S51T69X1GB/01, S51T69X1GB/15, S52M69X1GB/14


SN25M230GB/01, SN25M230UK/01, SN25M831GB/01, SN25M831GB/02, SN25M831GB/03, SN25M831GB/04, SN25M831GB/06, SN25M831GB/07, SN25M831GB/10, SN25M831GB/13, SN26M230GB/01, Sn26M230GB/21, SN26M830GB/01, SN26M830GB/21, SN65E000GB/01, SN65E000GB/16, SN65E000GB/17, SN65E000GB/21, SN65E000GB/31, SN65M031GB/01, SN65M031GB/02, SN65M031GB/03, SN65M031GB/04

Manufacturers names and numbers are used for reference only