MIELE GN Type Hoover Bags & Filters High Efficiency Spares x 20 Bags


Quality replacement Miele GN bags as used by our own engineers. Pack of 20 Includes 4 Filters Synthetic 5 layer filtration dust bags with secure seal to minimise dust escape Once the bag is full you can use the flap to seal the bag up so no dust can escape when you dispose of it Blue Plastic Collar

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Fits Miele, S400 i to S456i S600 to S658 S800 to S858 S2000 to S2999 S5000 to S5999 S8 , S8310 Power Plus S8320 Cat & Dog , S8330 Solution HEPA , S8340 Eco-line Solution , S8390 Silence Solution , S8530 UniQ Bags S5261C , S5261A, TT 5000, S5211, S2111, S5, Allervac Sensor, Solution HEPA 5281, Automatic TT 5000, S2 lightweight range, Lifestyle Models: Cat & Dog 5000 Solution Hepa 5000 Allervac Sensor 5000