Miele SF-AA50 SF-AAC50 SFAA50 Vacuum Cleaner Active Airclean Filter


Genuine Miele SFAA50 Vacuum Cleaner Air Filter

Regular changing of your vacuum cleaners air filters is important to keep the hoover in good working condition.

PLEASE NOTE: Check Your Model Number This Filter Fits Model Number: S4281. But Does Not Fit Model Numbers: S428 I & S428 I-2. Perfect if you have pets Comprises of super air clean filter and active charcoal cassette Contains a layer of active charcoal which retains odours originating from pet hair and dander Cassette absorbs odurs from the dustbag keeping your pet smells at bay Filter retains 99.95% of particles This filter has been designed with an indicator ‘TimeStrip®’ set to prompt you a year after it has been activated. This is when we advise that you look to change your filter in order to ensure that your vacuum cleaner is working at its optimum performance.

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Fits The Following Models,

S2110 S4210, S4212, S4212 Plus, S4213, S4221, S4222, S4260, S4261, S4262, S4280, S4281, S4282, S4210, S4211, S4212, S4260, S4280, S4510, S4511, S4512, S4560, S4561, S4562, S4580, S4581, S4582, S4712, S4780, S4781, S4782, S4812 S521, S5211, S5212, S5220, S5221, S5260, S5261, S5280, S5281, S5310, S5360, S5361, S5380, S5381, S5411, S5421, S5481, S5510, S5520, S5560, S5580, S5710, S5760, S5780, S5980, S5981 S6210, S6220, S6240, S6290 S8310, S8320, S8330, S8340, S8390

Genuine Miele SF-AA50 SF-AAC50 SFAA50 Vacuum Cleaner Active Airclean Filter

100% Genuine Miele Filter Part No: 9616110 Type: SF-AA 50


Genuine Miele Filter 9616110