Miele Tumble Dryer T230C Thermal Limiter Heater Thermostat 160 Degree


Quality replacement thermostat to fit Miele dryers, as used by our own engineers. Important Message Regarding This Thermostat. This thermostat is designed to cut off at 160 Degrees AND WILL NOT RESET. This is because it acts as a thermal safety fuse, to protect your dryer from overheating and causing damage. If your thermostat has failed you will need to repair the fault before fitting this part. Overheating can be caused by a flattened or obstructed vent hose, blocked filter, or cooling fan or a problem within the electronics. If you fit this part without repairing the original fault then the new thermostat will most probably fail on the first cycle, if this is the case we will not replace. All parts of this nature are tested before we post them.

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This thermostat will fit the following Miele dryers, Blue Spot Thermostat Fits Miele, T220, T224, T227, T228, T223, T230C, T231C, T233C, T234C, T237C, T238C, T4105, T4121, T4122, T4123, T4124, T4127, T4162, T4163, T4167, T4205C, T4221C, T4224C, T4225C, T4227C, T4262C